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Last Updated: Friday, 1 July, 2005, 10:57 GMT 11:57 UK
Iraqi aid worker #2 profile
Twenty six year old "W", is an Iraqi aid worker (we have withheld his identity at his request). He was held hostage for eight days last January along with his colleague and friend of 13 years "S". They were threatened with death if they didn't resign their jobs with their American-based charity, Global Partners for peace, and leave the country immediately. As an aid worker "W" organised and delivered toys and clothing to needy children in Baghdad.

During his eight days in captivity he was forced to witness a beheading of an Iraqi policeman. At the time he prayed that his fate wouldn't be the same, "I was praying asking God to let me die in a more comfortable way, with bullets, so that I die, not in this ugly way."

"W" and "S" were kidnapped by the Jihad and Purification Brigade, said to be allied to Zarqawi's group who are responsible for the kidnap and murder of many hostages including Ken Bigley.

"W" is now living in Jordan and hoping to emigrate to Australia in the near future. He was in a very fragile state following his release and still finds it very difficult to forget what he saw but he is trying to move on and is hoping to return to Iraq one day.

"my country is needy, and there are many needy, poor and struggling families... I want to give every help I can and all my energy towards rebuilding it."


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