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Ty Hensley profile
Ty Hensley is the brother of Jack Hensley the American contractor who was taken hostage along with Ken Bigley and Eugene Armstrong in September 2004.

Ty (right) and Jack Hensley
This is something that'll carry and resonate in my family for generations
Ty Hensley
"When you're a terrorist that is probably the biggest bang for the buck; taking hostages and parading them around, whether you want money or to make a political statement. They've learned that is how they get attention..."

Ty was working at his computer when he received an email from Jack's wife telling him that his brother had been taken by the same group responsible for the murder, four months earlier of another American contractor, Nicholas Berg.

"I just for some reason had a hunch my brother wasn't the first one, so I got through that one okay, but the second one, which was my brother Jack, my T ball coach, we were just sitting around and just taking our last few minutes, I was wondering if this was the second he was being killed or not. And it was sickening."

Tawhid and Jihad - lead by the ruthless Abu Musab al-Zarqawi said they would kill the two Americans within 24 hours unless US forces released any women prisoners being held at Abu Ghraib prison. When this deadline expired, they first killed Armstrong. Twenty four hours later they killed Hensley.

"This particular case, there was never anything to negotiate. The demands that were made were nothing that could be satisfied. It was not a demand for money, there was never open communication. The terrorists never tried to communicate. All they did was show videos and show videos of them killing people. In this case there was nothing that could be done. They wanted to kill these people and sensationalise it. That's what they did. Even if it was in my hands...I know if I negotiated with that, then there will be another Hensley, another Bigley, another Armstrong family, and this will continue going on and on."

"It does nothing more than desecrate my family in the manner they were killed. The world has already pretty much forgotten about it, the passion is no longer there, the hurt is gone from the world, but this is something that'll carry and resonate in my family for generations. I mean Jack's daughter, you know... this is how her daddy was killed, and for no reason."

Ty Hensley on the lasting effect of his brother's killing on their family


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