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Last Updated: Thursday, 1 December 2005, 15:16 GMT
What happened next?
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Sunday 4 December 2005
22:15 GMT, BBC One
For the third year running, and in direct response to audience demand, Panorama returns to some of the most important stories it has covered over the last year to find out What Happened Next?

The programme examines what happened at the Birmingham hospital where Panorama, earlier this year, reported from the front line of the battle against hospital-acquired infections and exposed a cleaning scandal which may have been spreading MRSA or other hospital-acquired infections. It also looks at how the investigation may improve hospital cleaning practices throughout the country.

The team also return to Chad where, in June of this year, they met Grace, a doctor struggling to prevent mothers in labour dying from preventable conditions. Panorama reveals how her story has not only helped galvanise the UN and politicians in her own country, but also how Panorama viewers have taken it upon themselves to raise funds for her work.

Catch up also with what has happened to the International Olympic Committee member Panorama exposed for corruption; the Irish republican Panorama accused of running a massive counterfeit dollar conspiracy; and, the response from within the NHS to "Undercover Nurse" which exposed significant failings in the care of the elderly in one large hospital.

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Production team:
Reporter: John Ware
Producer: Jonathan Brunert
Assistant Producers: Alison Priestley, Lucy Willmore, Shabnam Grewal, Antonia Meszaros
Deputy Editors: Andrew Bell, Frank Simmonds
Editor: Mike Robinson

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