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Excellent programme spoilt by involving politics and the bias you put using red and blue lines in your graphs to say the Conservatives are wrong in their figures. The programme was trying to achieve a vote for Labour I feel.
David Crabtree, Bradford

A fair and balanced program. More please. Thanks.
David, London UK

Yet more evidence of politicians propensity for manipulating statistics and lying to feather their own nest. Why can't we legislate against this kind of perversion of information for political, social or media gain?
David Redfern, Wilmington, Kent

Crime figures are not to be trusted either from the police or the home office. In my area, our local police office has had officers cut by 90%,causing some call outs taking 24 hours to attend. Even worse is the fact that calls to the police that are not attended are not recorded or deleted from police computers. I attended a public meeting last year where we were told that there were no reported crimes in this area in the last four months when I already knew of five serious incidents reported by several people in that time. A neighbouring village complained of the same problem. Both my labour councillor and MSP have turned a blind eye to these complaints. If this practice is accepted by all police divisions across the country, then these figures are seriously misrepresented.
Jim Mcgregor, North Lanarkshire, Scotland

By selecting one area of the country do you really think you represented the UK's fears and concerns on crime? By selecting the area you did - how come there was no mention of any ethically based crime - and there is a lot (there was only one shot of a black policeman within the whole programme on crime). No gun crime increase (watch it on your own channels news), Sex crimes (increases which are too large to think we are civilised). Eastern European organised crime in UK on the up!
Paul Wilcox, England

If overall total crime has fallen in this country I'd like to know where? What happened to the local bobby on the beat? What happened to law and order? And people get punished for their crimes, with real sentences? I have to strongly agree with the figures presented.
John E Tsigarides, Torquay, Devon, UK

Fantastic documentary - a real eye opener on UK crime statistics and how they are being used/abused by certain political parties.
Chris Kenyon, London UK

As a police officer on the street the point has been missed again that the fact is that the CPS and the courts are failing the public not the police. If you speak to older officers they say that the number of 999 calls that we respond to each day is far more than ten years ago. It's no good talking to high ranking officers as their only interested in their career and are now managers not policemen/women. Talk to the older front line officers not high rankers or community officers.
PC M, Kent

A programme that goes some way in redressing the misconceptions with regards the crime figures in this country. As a student of Criminology is was refreshing to see a balanced, informative and accurate view of the crime figures over the last 10 years.
Kevin Meikle, Kettering Northants

Was the BBC attempting to persuade viewers that there are no black and Asian criminals anywhere in West Yorkshire, apart from a fleeting glimpse of a single Asian drug dealer at the start of the programme? So much for the integrity of Panorama's ''true picture of crime in Britain.''
Alan James, London, UK

So now Panorama is a party political broadcast on behalf of the Labour Party !
John Hughes, Swindon, Wiltshire

I was somewhat astonished by the report last night as well. There has been an increase in burglaries in this area of Sussex, the problem is the police no longer attend. In fact more recently it has been very difficult to even get a crime number issued. I know of many people in this area who no longer report small burglaries as they believe it to be a waste of time and will only lead to even higher home insurance or, as has become common, the insurance companies refusing to take houses, in what always used to be considered safe areas, under risk. As regards violent and drug-related crime in Worthing, it did not exist 5 years ago, now we are in epidemic proportions by comparison.
Al Chartres, Worthing, West Sussex

I thought it was telling that Dave, the police inspector, only sent his men to deal with the two persistent burglars because they were spoiling his figures not because they were actually committing crimes. I also wondered how much time and effort went into collating the statistics and producing the meaningless graphs; time that would be better used in catching the criminals. If the police did the job we the public expect and pay for i.e. catch the perpetrators of crime then the statistics would look after them selves.
David Congreve, Sheffield, England

The only way to reduce crime is more police and stiffer sentences for criminals.
Phil, UK

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