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A letter from William Goad
Panorama: Crime Wave
William Goad
BBC One, Sunday, 6 February 2005 at 22:15 GMT

In a handwritten letter sent to the Panorama programme by Goad from HMP Parkhurst, where he is serving his sentence, he outlined his views on his prosecution and gave some background to his own life, including allegations of having himself been abused.

The following are direct quotations drawn from that letter.

On being convicted

"... I will say I was guilty of some of these charges but not all of them."

"The media quite wrongly made a lot of Eggar and Churchill even though I have never been questioned on either, which resulted in an attempt on my life. An action group in Plymouth who read all the bad reporting got me to the appeal court. But three senior judges agreed with Judge Taylor that I should have a fairly short tariff."

Telephone helplines
Devon and Cornwall Police: 08452 777 444
BBC Action line: 08000 566 065
NSPCC 24-hour helpline: 08088 005 000
Victim Support: 08453 030 900
The Samaritans: 08457 909090
Lifeline: 01262 469 085

On his own childhood abuse

"My mother was told that I am going to an approved school. When asked for how long the magistrate told her, for as long as it takes."

"'If he behaves he could be home when he is 16 or 17; if not he could go on to borstal and then prison; "he will come out a better man"'. In other words a 'life sentence'; can you imagine giving a 10 year old a life sentence."

"I was put into Forde Park School, Newton Abbot, where I was physically, sexually and mentally abused for years."

"I was alone and only about 4'10" tall and the authorities, the people I should have looked up to was beating me up, caning me on my bare back and backside and taking me out of the dormitory at night to have sex with me."

On serving his sentence

"I am not innocent, I did some of the things I pleaded guilty to, and, I am in prison paying for it."

"My intentions is to do all the courses that I am required to do."

"I will hopefully see a physcoanalist on a regular basis."
What happened to me as a boy messed my whole life up except for the five years in Thailand."

"The authorities who put me into that approved school turned their back on me and I had to cope on my own. Now the same authorities have put me away again."

"This time however I hope they will treat me, but it is too late. I am now 60 and have had 3 heart attacks and a byepass operation..."

A one-man crime wave?
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