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Crime wave
Panorama: Crime Wave
William Goad
BBC One, Sunday, 6 February 2005 at 22:15 GMT

In one small city 17 young men committed hundreds of crimes. The police found they all shared a grim secret: they'd been abused as children by one of Britain's worst paedophiles.

Ray, Paul, Ian and Danny - hardened criminals who have battled drugs, alcohol, depression and suicide because of a brutal secret that ties them all together. Panorama: Crime wave traces their stories over four decades to reveal a series of shattered lives corrupted by one man.

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In the autumn of 2004 a local police officer, in Plymouth, made an astonishing claim: That a huge proportion of violence, drug and alcohol related crimes in recent years had a single cause: the activities of a paedophile who had abused hundreds of local boys.

Bill Goad, a millionaire businessman, got away with raping and sexually abusing boys, some as young as eight years old, for four decades.

A voracious and predatory paedophile, he boasted of assaulting 142 boys in one year. He threatened them, cajoled and bribed them to procure their own friends. In one case, one boy sold his little brother for sex.

In October last year he was sent to prison for life. The programme asks why it took so long to stop him and questions why other men who were named to police as abusers haven't been questioned.

From uncovering social services records to tracking down other alleged abusers, Panorama investigates the life long consequences to his victims and society of one man's crimes.

Production team:
Reporter: Betsan Powys
Producer: Stephen Scott
Editor: Mike Robinson
Deputy Editors: Andrew Bell, Frank Simmonds

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