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Users on cannabis
Panorama spoke to some cannabis users about their experiences using the drug.

Dub Shaman is a music producer specialising in urban music. He is currently developing a community based music production company. He has been smoking cannabis for 25 years and feels that more potent varieties of cannabis can be too strong especially if used heavily.

Anthony has studied neuro-linguistic programming and hypnotherapy. In 2004 he arranged the Exploring Consciousness Conference held in Bath. He has been interested in the nature of consciousness and reality for 25 years and has been a sound engineer for 20 years.

What follows are edited transcripts of the views they expressed on cannabis and their use of the substance.

".. it's a downside to it.. that's why we need to educate - like alcohol.. aside from the fact you wont get much done. Don't smoke skunk all day long 'cos your brain will die."

"There are some people who get paranoid after smoking... they're not smokers. Like I'm not a drinker I'm not nice when I drink... simple as that. Some people have a little smoke and get paranoid and they still like smoking - they're in danger of getting psychosis sand ending up getting mental health problems."

"What its like for me to be stoned? Its much deeper than I've got to deal with stuf...its contemplation. What is the meaning of things?... It mellows you out... deepens you out... bit more awareness and self observation."

"The feeling of aha!- I've understood something... cannabis allows me to visualise - to stand back and see the big picture."

"Fantastic tool for creative thinking - connecting parts of your mind.. then you can really make sense of things. Unless you've smoked it you'll never understand it"

"So many people grow their own... that way you can get what you want"

"Its funny these little rituals - the way it opens your senses- sense of touch and sense of taste - so eating is such an extraordinary pleasure. That's the danger of eating cakes... danger is you eat lot and the you're just monged for three days"

"I coach a football team... I tell them not to smoke until half time... lets score a few goals first... rule of thumb; the creative types are better on weed than the non-creative types. I wonder what actually makes the difference."

"It's a tool, it's a very powerful medicine... this should be a health issue not a criminal justice issue."

"I wondered what happens if I smoke all day, so basically after a couple of weeks I realised I wasn't getting anything done... not even the shopping so I just stopped... you have to manage it... that's what all these kids don't realise, they put it all in one spliff and they're catatonic"

"Expert cross breeding horticultural geniuses have cross bred all strong varieties - now they're like.. 20% THC .. I have to water that down... And you've got young guys smoking that full on... all in one go."

"I normally only tend to smoke really nice stuff like sativa... and it was grown with love.. its very kind its very sensual"


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