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Thank you for making the update programme, for showing the wide range of subjects you have investigated and the forthright way in which you have faced up to the organisations involved. Please continue to pursue your investigations and display the objective reporting shown in this programme. The reports and updates made graphically displayed the need for vigilance. We are bombarded by ill-considered legislation and poorly managed, monitored or scrutinised public bodies, nationally and internationally. Long may the BBC act, independent of government control, to question the behaviours of those in power and remain an honest, impartial conscience.
Anji Durham, UK

Just watched tonight's programme (Sunday) and wish to say what excellent coverage Panorama has done on all the subjects. I don't know how long this programme has been going (since Nelson was a boy I should think) but it goes from strength to strength. Well Done.
Susan Clark, UK

Thank you for your informative Panorama programme. We all appreciate the work that you all do and are grateful that this programme exists. Please keep the good work going
Moya White, Great Britain

I have watched tonight's programme "What Happened Next" with great interest. Having watched the original reports it is interesting to see what happened after the programmes were originally broadcast. The programmes have achieved much and many changes have been made to rectify many of the problems highlighted in the original programmes. Viewers, I think, should be grateful to Panorama for bringing many of these what are controversial issues to the publics' attention forcing changes to be made and many difficult issues to be faced head on by the relevant authorities.
Steve Fuller, Hove, East Sussex/England

I don't think that the people care anymore about the police and don't take any responsibility for their actions. The government should take action on nightclubs who sell cheap drinks.
Brian Murphy, Aberlour Scotland

Someone touched a nerve with the "persona non gratis" from the IOC. I think Panorama should re-investigate this just from the very concerned response the IOC spokesman gave. Well done Panorama.
Robert Dunning, UK

To help stop binge drinking is to do what the United States of America do that is you are not allowed to drink alcohol till the age of 21. Also lower the alcohol content of drinks like they do.
Bob Mac, Leeds

After watching programme about binge drinking and knives I turned off and went to bed praying that God will send me a buyer for my property soon so that I can pack up and go back to Malaysia. My poor country. What as happened to it that I am so desperate to get out and never return.
Paul Bastier, England UK

Re the item on drinking and "yob culture" - the problem is not the price of drinks, as your programme suggests, it's the failure of the authorities to enforce a very old law which is that publicans must not serve alcohol to anyone who appears to be drunk. A few licences lost on this basis would have a massive effect. Jerry Smith, Hebden Bridge,
Jerry Smith, Hebden Bridge, UK

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