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Sudan: charities and information
Three women walking in the Darfur region of Sudan
Three women walking in the Darfur region of Sudan

Panorama asks if the first genocide of the 21st century is occurring in Darfur.

Click on the links below to find out information about charities operating in the region and to find out more information about the conflict.

Charities operating in Darfur
Information about Darfur


Disasters Emergency Committee

This is a special umbrella organisation set up in 1963 by the UK's leading charities to raise money for the people in need. It is running a specific appeal to raise money for the emergency in Sudan.

Medicins sans Frontieres

MSF currently has more than 200 international aid workers and 2,000 national staff working throughout Darfur.

Red Cross

The Red Cross has a network of staff and volunteers in Sudan and is providing people with aid as well as supplying health centres and hospitals with medicines and staff to care for the sick and wounded.

International Medical Corps

International Medical Corps is a humanitarian relief and development organisation that provides healthcare, nutrition and training to save and rebuild lives. Currently, IMC is providing emergency medical assistance, nutrition and training in camps in Sudan and Chad.

UN World food programme

The World Food Programme website contains updates and background information on their humanitarian operations in Darfur.

Save the children

Save the Children is in Darfur, working in the sectors of health, food security, non-food items, shelter, nutrition, sanitation, water, child protection and education.


Oxfam has been active in Sudan since the 1970s. Oxfam is working in camps set up for the displaced people in Sudan and those who have fled to Chad.

Christian Aid

Christian Aid is currently in Sudan supporting one of its partner agencies, the Sudan Council of Churches.


The United Nations Children's Fund is involved on the frontline in Darfur and the whole of Sudan.

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Amnesty International

A special report from Amnesty about the situation in Sudan. The site contains the latest news from the region and information on how to take lobby for action to be taken.

Department for International Development

A UK government website with detailed background history and the latest news on the problems in Darfur.

UN human rights commission

The UNHCR works towards a world in which the human rights of all are fully respected and enjoyed in conditions of global peace.

African Union

The African Union website contains specific information about Darfur and the AU Ceasefire Commission.

Sudan Information Gateway

A United Nations website which collates all the information on Darfur and rest of Sudan from the organisation's different Agencies.

Human Rights Watch

The Sudan section of their website contains some detailed reports on abuses in the country.

Sudan government

The official website of the Sudanese government.

Sudan Peoples' Liberation Movement

A website dedicated to news from the Sudan Liberation movement.

Sudan Tribune

A website containing a mixture of foreign and internal press reports about Sudan.

Darfur Information Centre

A website with statistical information, maps and news reports from the Darfur region of Sudan.

Sudan Media Centre

An website which is not officially affiliated to either side giving news about the conflict in the Darfur region of Sudan.

Band Aid 20

Bob Geldof's official website contains details of the Band Aid 20 charity single, which will be raising money for the humanitarian crisis in Sudan.

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