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Last Updated: Sunday, 7 November, 2004, 04:13 GMT
10 facts: The super rich

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Most peoples' earnings have been rising under Labour, but the top one per cent are doing spectacularly better than everyone else.

Whether they're pop stars and footballers, or lawyers and City bankers - a few winners are taking an ever larger slice of our national income.

Here are 10 facts about the new wealthy elite.

  • There are 475,000 people in the UK with an average income of over 200,000 a year, around 50,000 people earning more than 330,000 a year, and 25,000 more than 500,000.
    Source: Tony Atkinson, Nuffield College, Oxford University

  • Anyone who has an income of 92,000 or more pre-tax is in the top per cent of earners in the country.
    Source: Tony Atkinson, Nuffield College, Oxford University

  • The majority of those with incomes over 100,000 per year (56 per cent) live in London, the South East and East Anglia.
    Source: Daniel Dorling, University of Sheffield/ Barclays

  • Britain's highest paid accountant earned 2.9m last year, the top paid lawyer pulled in over 3m and the highest paid Chief Executive 7.4m.
    Sources: Accountancy Age, The Lawyer, Incomes Data Service

  • Most people in Britain earn less than 19,000 a year.
    Source: Office of National Statistics - Annual Survey of hours and Earnings 2004 (Adult population in same full time employment for a year or more)

  • Britain's richest one per cent own 23 per cent of all personal wealth.
    Source: Inland revenue - figures for 2002

  • 22 per cent of total income tax in Britain is paid by the top one per cent of taxpayers - that's five per cent more than a decade ago.
    Source: Inland Revenue

  • In 1990 10 per cent of national income went to the top one per cent. By 2000 it was 13 per cent.
    Source: Tony Atkinson, Nuffield College, Oxford University

  • Since 1998 the average British employee's income went up 35 per cent; the average FTSE 350 company boss's income went up 163 per cent.
    Source: Incomes Data Services

  • America's top bosses earn over 300 times more than production workers on average. In 1982 it was 42 times more.
    Source: "Executive Excess 2004" Institute of policy studies/ United for a Fair Economy

Panorama: Winner takes all Britain was broadcast on Sunday, November 7, on BBC One at 22:15 GMT.

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