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Seroxat: The viewers stories

Panorama: Taken on Trust features the stories of several people who have had problems with the anti-depressant Seroxat.

Below are the stories of some of the people featured in the programme.

Rhona Aldred
Graham Aldred
Graham Aldred reassured his wife that Seroxat was safe

Graham Aldred's wife Rhona was prescribed Seroxat for depression in 2001. She was depressed and anxious but not suicidal.

She wasn't keen to take it at first, but her husband reassured her.

He said: "When Rhona brought the drug home she said to me she had some reservations about it and I said, 'don't be silly, this is England, this is a country where you can trust medical regulation'.

"Now she was right and I was wrong."

However, shortly after starting on Seroxat, Rhona became very restless, agitated and had terrible nightmares. After 11 days on the drug, she drove to a secluded country lane, and killed herself.

Graham told the programme: "This is what the Regulator doesn't seem to understand - that there are people on the end of all this."

Adrian Keegan

Chris and Dawn Keegan
Chris and Dawn Keegan's son Adrian was prescribed Seroxat for his temper

Adrian was 19 years old when he took Seroxat. It had been prescribed to him by his GP to help control his temper

His mother Dawn had hoped to get him on an anger management programme, Adrian was prescribed the antidepressant instead.

But after taking Seroxat for just 26 days, Adrian committed suicide. He was discovered by his parents Dawn and Chris who had dropped by his flat with some shopping one Friday night.

When they knocked on the door they got no reply, but they realised someone was wrong as he had left the light on - something Adrian never did when he went out as he was short of money.

Adrian's dad Chris took his wife home and went back to the flat alone. He eventually broke in and discovered that he had hung himself.

He told the programme that he noticed a difference after Adrian started taking Seroxat: " He sort of changed. He was like very quiet within himself. Even his friends commented it wasn't Adrian. It was like with them he wasn't saying much at all, or joking, he wasn't jokey like he used to be."

Sarah Thompson

Sarah Thompson
Sarah Thompson says she self harmed on Seroxat

Sarah Thompson was prescribed Seroxat for depression three years ago. She was just 16 at the time.

She had never had suicidal thoughts before taking the drug, but within a week had began self harming.

She told the programme: "I'd never thought about suicide before I took Seroxat and when I was taking it. I was obsessed about death it was part of my every day life.

"I would cut myself mainly and then I started to burn myself and found other methods, but it was mainly cutting myself to start with.

Three years on, she has strong views about the regulation of the drug: "Looking back at what happened to me because of Seroxat, and the great affect it has had on my life and to my relationships with my family and my future.

"I don't think that the regulators are doing their job properly, because they allowed me to take a drug that has in effect taken away part of my childhood."

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