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Last Updated: Sunday, 12 September 2004, 20:21 GMT 21:21 UK
Your comments

Your comments on the School Siege programme.

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When we hear the stories of children been shot dead in the back as they run away, then we know we are not dealing with people who really have a political stance. Instead we are dealing with murder and evil alone.
Pete Sparks, Birmingham

I watched this programme to try to understand what happened in Beslan and why. What happened was explained well, considering the chaotic nature of this appalling event. I am still at a loss to understand why. I work in a school and I am a mother - the testaments of survivors were given with dignity but almost too much to bear. I just cannot understand the mindset of a hostage taker who terrorises and murders young children like this. The most chilling statement in this programme was the Deputy Head's, who said that all the men in Beslan were seeking vengeance and where would it all end? This, with Pres. Putin's reaction, echoing those of Bush and Blair and their War on Terror, makes me feel that we are making the world a far more dangerous place for everyone by using violence as a means to solve all the world's problems. Violence seems only to lead to more violence, with the most vulnerable becoming more and more the targets.
Budgie Summers, Bristol, England

I was deeply shocked by the brutality of the terrorist attack against the school-children in Beslan. There is no justification for this barbaric slaughter of innocent victims committed by evil fanatics who have no conscience. It's a disgrace that Britain is harbouring the notorious warlord, A. Zakayev. Outrageously, he is using the Beslan atrocity for his propaganda campaign to discredit President Putin and incite even more violence against the Russian people. Zakayev makes no secret of the fact that he belongs to the same terrorist group responsible for the school massacre. While he parades his well-tailored suits on British television, escorted by bodyguards and his friend Vanessa Redgrave, the mothers of Beslan bury their dead. However much Zakayev defends the hostage-takers, their evil acts continue to stare us in the face. To be consistent in its war on terror, the British government urgently needs to extradite the terrorists mouthpiece Zakayev to Russia or The Hague to face a criminal trial long overdue.
Ms L. Carey, London UK

I am not one to normally air my feelings this way, but after just watching your heart rending programme about the school siege in Beslan I feel I have to say something. Needless to say, my heart goes out to all the victims and their families as does the rest of the world I'm sure. I know there is not very much I or anyone else can say or do to ease their pain, only time can help with that one, and a long time I'm sure it is going to take.

The survivors have no cause to feel guilty for still being alive or not being able to do more than they did. What could they do, they were in the same position as everyone else around them. Do these terrorists not realise, that the bad publicity they get for themselves does not help there causes, but just serves to turn more people against them. They are killing and hurting innocent people, people who are not even old enough to know what the terrorists grievances are, they are even too young to know what a terrorist is never mind why they are the ones who have been targeted.

I know what I am saying has been said by probably tens of thousands of other people, but I feel that hopefully the more that people say it, the sooner it might sink in that violence is not the way to go because it undoubtedly leads to more violence.
Julie Pearce, England

I have just watched the Beslan programme. It was a very emotional but honest programme and it has left me with the need to write this email. I know I cannot do anything to help the people of Beslan but I do feel angry that the UK Gov. has offered asylum to the man (I can't remember his name) interviewed. What double standards our Gov has. I think he should be extradited to Russia.
Siobhan Forbes, UK

Brilliant, no embroidery, just facts. What the BBC has lost sight of in the fight to please the uninformed and indifferent. My heart goes out to the mothers, as in 1972 (Vietnam) The faces of the men defy description. The sooner we lose religion the better, perhaps humanity may get a chance.
Penny Jennings, France

I am only 11 years old and because I only started secondary school the other day. I think it is awful that they could bring them selves to kill so many children like that when they could have solved it peacefully by just talking about it. But the fact that they killed so many children, I cant find words to describe it.
Ryan Cleary, Colchester, England

This is such an emotional event, I find it hard to watch as I have two brothers of which ages are three and five and seeing their bodies lifeless lying there is extremely hard to watch. I thought the twin towers was extremely sad and extremely unkind, it's not that i didn't find the twin towers sad its the fact that the Russian siege was with kids, innocent kids, seeing their teachers, best friends, mums, dads, brothers and sisters taken away from them by cruel emotionless people. They are so young but yet they have witnessed more than many people at such a young age this is a cruel world and terrorism is the future as it will be an ever lasting event. I feel for anyone who lost any one close to them, it must be so hard to come to terms with. R.I.P all of those who lost their lives and Rot In Pieces all of those who killed the innocent lives of children.
Zoe (aged 16), Cornwall, England

I would like to compliment the Panorama team for a well made, informative and moving programme this evening. I nearly didn't watch because it all seems so awful for something of this magnitude to happen to children, but was captivated early on by the calm and amazing testimony and bravery, of the children and adults who took part.
Bridget Furst, UK

Very brutal and unacceptable attack on innocent children. Crime against humanity.
M Asif, London

So the hostage takers showed compassion, I'm not sure that they meant to kill anyone, or that they were Muslims. Looks like they have been misunderstood? Nearly as bad as "behind the veil". Well done Panorama.
Ian Guess, UK

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