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Panorama: Rwanda programmes
Valentina - Panorama told her story in 1997
Panorama has made several films about the 100 days of the Rwandan genocide.

The programme's coverage of the terrible event, the aftermath and investigations into the causes of the slaughter won critical acclaim and won many awards across the world.

Journey into Darkness - June 27, 1994

Panorama reporter Fergal Keane travelled deep into rebel and government held territory in Rwanda during the genocide.

He traced the causes of the slaughter, spoke to victims and confronted the Sylvestre Gacumbitsi, a Rwandan mayor who had been accused of orchestrating the slaughter of thousands of Tutsis in a village church.

The programme won the prestigious Royal Television Society's International Current Affairs Award.

A scene from Fergal Keane's 1994 film Journey into Darkness
A culture of murder - August 22, 1994

Steve Bradshaw investigated the plight of the one million Rwandan refugees who had fled the country because of the genocide and civil war.

The Bloody Tricolour - August 20, 1995

This Panorama special investigated how the French government was deeply implicated in the Rwandan genocide.

It revealed the true extent of French covert military assistance to the Rwandan government between 1990 and 1994.

Valentina's Story - February 10, 1997

This film, made by current Panorama editor Mike Robinson and reported by Fergal Keane, focused on the story of Valentina - one of the Rwandan genocide survivors.

Fergal first met Valentina, who had her hand hacked off as she fended off Hutu militiamen, while filming Journey into Darkness in 1994.

The programme won a British Academy of Film and Television Award (Bafta) in the Current Affairs category as well as winning the International Current Affairs prize at the Royal Television Society Awards.

Michael Barnett
Michael Barnett succesfully argued for the pulling out of UN troops in Rwanda
When Good Men Do Nothing - December 7, 1998

Steve Bradshaw's programme investigated why the West stood by and did nothing as the Rwandan genocide unfolded. It looked into the petty rows within the UN which prevented peacekeepers from being sent to the African country much earlier.

It won the One World International Documentary Award and the Amnesty International Annual Award. It was also nominated in the Current Affairs category at the Royal Telvision Socirty Awards.

Triumph of Evil - January 26, 1998

Triumph of Evil was the American version of Panorama's When Good Men Do Nothing. It was recut using Panorama's interviews and footage.

This programme won a Peabody award and a DuPont Columbia Award in the states. This US co-production, which was broadcast under the brand "Frontline" also won a prestigious Emmy award for investigative journalism.


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