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Last Updated: Tuesday, 17 February 2004, 16:13 GMT
Secrets of the camps
Panorama: Secrets of the Camps was broadcast on BBC One on Sunday, 29 February 2004 at 2215 GMT

Panorama exposes the secret camps in Zimbabwe where Robert Mugabe's government trains thousands of youths to torture and kill.

In a groundbreaking investigation, the BBC's Africa correspondent, Hilary Andersson, has uncovered the secrets of Robert Mugabe's feared youth militia.

In their training camps the Zimbabwean government is subjecting thousands of innocent youths to rape, brainwashing and brutality. It is all part of an horrific process designed to mould youths loyal to Robert Mugabe and his ZANU party.

Panorama has tracked down dozens of these young people who reveal how they are taught to torture and kill.

They testify to murdering opponents of Mugabe's government, and they reveal the brutal regime inside the camps themselves, where rape and sadistic punishments are widespread.

For the first time, insiders who have run and managed the camps tell how the horrors of the camp system are sanctioned from the top of Zimbabwe's government.

The testimonies in the programme are evidence of massive human rights violations that put Robert Mugabe's administration in violation of international law.

Production team:
Reporter: Hilary Andersson
Producer: Jonathan Brunert
Assistant Producer: Antonia Mezsaros
Deputy Editors: Andrew Bell, Sam Collyns
Editor: Mike Robinson

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