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The Panorama 50th birthday quiz
The Duke of Edinburgh
Why was the Duke of Edinburgh's appearance memorable?

How much do you know about the history of Panorama?

Why not pit your wits against the Panorama quiz which asks questions about key events in the programme's illustrious history.

If you need some clues, all of the answers are contained somewhere in the 50th birthday website.

Good luck.

Who was the subject of the first ever item on Panorama?
A: A fish importer called George Dawson
B: The Prime Minister Winston Churchill
C: Controversial author Henry Miller
What was the name of the first editor of Panorama?
A: Andrew Miller Jones
B: Dennis Bardens
C: Cecil McGivern
Why was the first ever episode deemed a disaster?
A: The presenter was drunk live on air
B: Part of the set fell down live on air
C: A tape was played backwards on air
What is the name of the current Panorama theme tune?
A: Panorama theme
B: Sound and movements
C: Aujourd'hui C'est Toi
The Duke of Edinburgh's appearance on Panorama in 1960 was famous for what reason?
A: He made a blunder live on air
B: He was the first Royal to be interviewed on TV
C: He became upset by the questions and walked off set
The name Panorama was suggested because?
A: The editor was taken with the view from his office
B: It aimed to give people a view of the world
C: It was chosen by a focus group from a list
What is the link between the 1970s hit comedy show The Goodies, and Panorama?
A: Bill Oddy used to work on the programme
B: They used Panorama to help them come up with ideas for sketches
C: Panorama once used the Goodies theme music in a programme
In 1956, Panorama broke a major television taboo, what happened?
A: A guest was drunk live on air
B: It became the first television programme to feature nudity
C: It broadcast the birth of a baby
In the 1950s, Labour Prime Minister Harold Wilson made a habit of appearing on Panorama. How many times was he interviewed?
A: Four
B: Five
C: Six
Panorama's record viewing figures came in 1995 with Martin Bashir's interview with Princess Diana. How many people watched that episode?
A: 12.8 million
B: 22.8 million
C: 32.8 million

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