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Last Updated: Wednesday, 8 October, 2003, 15:44 GMT 16:44 UK
Seroxat films honoured
Panorama: Seroxat

Panorama's two investigations into the safety of the anti-depressant Seroxat have won an award at the Mental Health Media Awards 2003.

The Secrets of Seroxat and the follow up programme Seroxat: Emails from the Edge were awarded a Special Commendation for the public impact that the film had managed to achieve.

The two programmes had been recognised as one single body of work as they were related to each other and covered the same subject.

The Mental Health Media Awards, now in their 10th year were established to promote high quality broadcasting about mental health and distress.


The awards recognise that powerful programmes and portrayals have an impact which last long after their original broadcast. They can generate discussion, shatter misconceptions, illuminate thinking and inspire real change.

The judges described the programme of having "exposed the research and marketing methods used by the industry to a mass audience."

They also said it was "Investigative, challenging and well-constructed" and that "Panorama showed just how powerful the voice of mental health service users and survivors can be, and how broadcasters can both reach and touch the lives of the wider public."

Panorama reporter Shelley Jofre was particularly commended for her dogged and persistent questioning of GlaxoSmithKline.

The Secrets of Seroxat
10 Oct 02  |  Panorama
Seroxat: E-mails from the edge
28 Apr 03  |  Panorama



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