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A selection of e-mails will be published on this page after the programme on Sunday, 18 May. Due to the high number of e-mails we get we cannot guarantee to publish every single message we receive. We may also edit some e-mails for purposes of clarity and length. The views expressed on these pages are not necessarily the views of the BBC.

The e-mails published will be reflective of the messages we have been sent.

I was amazed that Tony Blair would follow GWB. Maggie Thatcher I could understand but not Blair. The term 'hijack' by the neocons is quite apt; but to call it a Jewish planned thing is a bit off and will only fuel anti-Semitic tendencies. The really dangerous ones are the so-called born again Christians from the Bible Belt. Fundamentalists are dangerous in any society - as Islam is proving. We can do without the Christian, Jewish and Hindu variety as well, thank you.
Sean Gilmartin, Germany

I actually thought it was very good. Aside from the slightly sinister colour shading every time we met a new individual, it was generally well balanced. Not one complaint of its detractors that I've read wasn't addressed in the programme. Indeed, it gave time to those that point out neo-conservative influence is lacking in many ways, that the term 'neocon' is not necessarily theirs (though some of them used it) but a leftist abuse. I felt, given it is this group that has a new approach to US government affairs, it was appropriate to interrogate their composition and motives firmly. They had ample time to explain, and made a good case, for the irrelevance of the fact that many of them were Jewish for example.

Anyone intelligent would have been somewhat reassured that these people were, whilst aggressive in their policy, fairly composed. I felt that their motives were less sinister than misguided, something I had not before the programme aired. Overall I enjoyed the programme, and thought it covered a range of issues well - it made me reconsider my anxiety about this group, however much I retain my disagreement with their aims.
John Allen, UK

This programme was extraordinarily flimsy. First, it never defined what a neoconservative is. Second, it them paraded a series of neocons to attest to their own importance and influence. Third, neocons did once exist and were extremely powerful under Ronald Reagan. They were practically purged by Bush, Snr. and have been largely dormant since. Fourth, in the mid-90s they dropped the 'neo' tag because practically nothing separated them from ordinary conservatives by that point. Lastly, the programme only looked at the AEI, hardly a strong basis of evidence.
Nathan Abrams, UK

What a wonderful programme; applause to the good people in the BBC. What does America Know about liberating others; when their own country is begin controlled by such people, neo - conservative and the power mad Bush. Anyways I wish the American people and the world a lot of luck. If there is any terrorism or evil its them; they are the deadliest kind.
Salma Mohammed, London, England

Americans have access to the full spectrum of political opinions in our news media as well as purely journalistic venues that separate themselves completely from political ideology.

The BBC is not one of the latter. However, I often tune in to the BBC because, like many Americans, I'm always curious about how our distant cousins from across the pond perceive things.

This report was as biased and hysterical as anything I've seen you spew out. I'm not a fan of Bush or the neo-conservatives, but you people are really not getting the point. The whole Zionist angle is bizarre. Only 23% of Jews voted for Bush in the last election. He will never make significant headway into that voting block because of some very basic American demographics and he has no reason to pander to them.

Even more annoying are some of the opinions I've read coming from the Brits commenting on this page. If America really wanted to build an empire, it would have done it. We want democracy, free speech, balanced capitalism and safety for Americans at home and abroad.
Josh Harben, USA

If documentaries like this were screened at 7.30pm instead of Eastenders and the like, Britain would wake up to the neo-Shakespearian tragedy we find ourselves embroiled in. Who need's Big Brother?!
Joe Hulm, UK

As a Yank, the contents of the program are chilling, but not all that shocking. People outside America seem to underestimate the size of an informed and critical minority in America. Paul Krugman and Nicholas Kristof are regular columnists in the New York Times and should be required reading.

Let's put paid to the neo-con conspiracy theory. Neo-con views have come to the forefront because of September 11th. A philosophy of a "brutal foreign policy for a brutal world" has taken hold, and it shouldn't be hard to understand why. The sinister thing is the suppression of debate on the grounds of patriotism.
Alex Blohm, USA

Well done Panorama! You exposed George Bush and his corrupt administration for the power hungry thugs that they are, along with Tony Blair. I'm shocked that these two leaders can call themselves Christians, when in effect, they condemned thousands of Iraqi's to death. However, I think more emphasis should have been put on the idea of money and how this factor must drive most of their decisions (along with the oil of course). Keep up the good work BBC!
Lucy Smith, UK

I don't support the neocons, but your reporting in this piece was shamefully intellectually shallow. Clinton seriously considered military intervention in 1998 - I mean, beyond Desert Fox - and it is likely that a Gore Administration would have done exactly what the Bush Administration has done this past year. (As Vice President, Gore was an Iraq hawk within the Clinton Administration.) Would that have made these Democrats neocons too? Your piece completely missed the fact that there is a debate going on in the U.S. over how to rescue the spirit of Wilsonian liberalism from two generations of cynical 'realism.' The neocons are a party to this debate, but your piece failed to explain what the debate is about. Is it too much to ask for some context?
Ted H, USA

This was quite outstanding programme and has been attracting considerable interest already among several of my friends in the Democratic Party in the United States. One feature of some of the Neocons which you brought out in the programme was the journey many of them had made form the hard left to the far right, bringing their authoritarian mind set with them. This accurately describes one of the most influential member of the UK Cabinet, Dr John Reid, one of the strongest proponents of the war against Iraq and who can surely be described accurately as a Brit Neocon.
Alan Clayton, Scotland

'Jewish conspiracy' is running the White House, or maybe a BBC Conspiracy is running racist propaganda against Jews?! The BBC picked all the Jewish Neo-Cons, and tried to convince us, the viewers that those Jews playing with the American leaders like puppets, and in this way they may take over the world! Is it our British Broadcast TV on the 21st century, or the German propaganda of the 30th?!

I would like to congratulate Panorama on a challenging and brave programme - even if it is too late to have an effect on the debate over the UK's participation in the war against Iraq.

The plans of the neo-conservative lobby are truly frightening and the US is unlucky enough to have a brain dead president (elected by a fraudulent process) who is just a tool in their hands.

I thought you handled the Pro Zionist views of the neo-cons in a sensitive manner - although now doubt you will be accused of anti Semitism. The programme should be required viewing both here and in the US. It is a telling counter balance to the rabid, jingoistic reporting typified by the Murdoch press and now (regrettably) CNN.
Laurence Ramsey, UK

If the BBC continues to put out a constant stream of anti Jewish programmes, its time for the British people to wake up and reject this agenda. We need a real push to abolish the licence fee, and those that are fed up with this left wing anti-Zionist control of the Beeb should refuse to pay.
Adam Greene, UK

Well done BBC, it's really a good programme which explained the hard line views in the USA. Osama bin laden might say the same thing - instead of Democracy he will say God. Two good subjects hijacked by some fanatics.
Ranjan, Sri Lanka

A great start (I say start because what you said really is the tip of the iceberg, as you are aware) - well done for grasping the nettle about this issue that no-one really wants to talk about. I'm sure the US networks are queuing up to buy it.... Any chance of a Panorama about the unanswered questions about 9/11?
Alec Dilling, UK

Brilliant expose on the patronising imperialism of the US. How dare a group of right wing Americans believe that human rights are universal, or that extending democracy will somehow make the world more stable. Such dangerous simple mindedness! How frightening that they were prepared to use force to get rid of a totalitarian ruler. And now they even countenance the deposing of the North Korean government. OK, state sponsored mass starvation on a scale not seen since Chairman Mao is not pretty, but how dare the neo-con mafia be so dismissive of 'Asian values'. Far better to turn a blind eye, and 'negotiate' with such regimes. We just need to accept that freedom is not for everyone.
Matthew Robinson, UK

This was a wretched, even a repulsive, programme. To insinuate, without irony, that the 'dual loyalty' canard as applied to American Jews who support an assertive foreign policy is a serious hypothesis, lies beyond moral obtuseness. Because that thesis - like all matters to do with human motivation - is unfalsifiable, it is pernicious. It bears as much relation to responsible journalism as paranoid conspiracy theories (of which this programme was a notable example) bear to reputable politics.
Oliver Kamm, UK

I found the programme very disturbing and the scenes of that pro-US rally went beyond healthy patriotism. The anti-French badges and signs were just pure racism. One said 'Chirac go choke on a croissant', imagine if someone held a sign up saying '(whoever the Indian PM is) go choke on a curry'. There's nothing wrong with patriotism at all, but that went too far. And of course there was the comment from one of the neo-cons, ''s an American war'. Of course it was, America doesn't need us at all, certainly not as much as a lot of people over here would like to think it does. Remember this is an 'A new AMERICAN century.' Not a world century or an Anglo-American century...
Sean O'Lamh, UK

I felt horrified watching an 'impartial' programme from the respected BBC deliberately link a small number of Jews with a pro Zionist new US Foreign Policy. This will only serve the purpose of reinforcing the age old view of the Jewish conspiracy leading to increasing levels of anti-Semitism (already in evidence across Europe and the uk) behind the veil of anti-zionism.
Nigel Moore, uk

Thanks for such an excellent programme. The neo conservative agenda of many of the members of the Whitehouse are clear. It is however only through programmes like this that the many people are able to recognise this fact. I look forward to more
J Smedley, UK

A good programme, should put fear into most sane people. Did that woman interviewed really say that Bush had been "gullible" enough to take in their views. Tony Blair speaks with same rhetoric! where are we all going next in the interests of neo-conservatism/fascism/big business.
Russell Johnstone, UK

I fear your programme this evening whilst making an attempt to show 'Current thinking' in US politics was poor and badly or more likely selectively researched. All the programme confirmed is that the cartography of the Real US 'Road Map' has begun BUT the quill is not being held by Zionists alone. The securing & expansion of US National interests is the goal, by whoever holds them be he a Jew, Muslim, Christian or agnostic.

Why didn't you simply follow the money trail, to see who is gaining here ? If 'Neo-cons' are trying to exert influence There has to be something in it for them. What is it ? What are the benefits to costly aggression and falling out with major markets like France & Germany ? Who is benefiting ? and can we measure it in Dollars ?

The list can go on and on, all giving food for thought on where the USA is taking the rest of the world, but you omitted all of them, choosing instead a Zionist plot! Your name and size means you could have created a blockbuster tonight, but you didn't. Could it be the BBC is also censored at some level ?
Steven Turner, Worthing UK

Thanks to your programme. I'm pleased my fears of the Bush regime is shared by so many people who have responded to have their say. I am sure if your documentary was allowed to be shown in America, no way would those self deluded neo conservatives be anywhere near the White House, second time around. "God Bless America"- god help all of us
Rose Morrell, England

Thought the programme tonight was very interesting. Though as a student the programme to me reiterates the importance of modern politics to young people today. After all to think that some of these reality programmes of which I freely admit I watch but do not actively participant in, have voting figures higher than that in a general election really quite worries me about the mentality of some people living in the country. Voting in a general election should be compulsory for those over 18 years of age. I would also go as far as saying that national service should also be reintroduced as with international tension running at an all time high I think that soon enough things are going to come to a head with catastrophic consequences.
Olly Edwards, UK

This was an excellent documentary. It would've been interesting to have also procured a comment from at least one member of the British government.
Valerie Hopper, U.K.

It seems to me that many of those you interviewed seem to be confused about their objectives for launching what is, after all, a 21st Century crusade in the name of what they euphemistically term "democracy".

It is a shame that democracy American style has to come with all the traditional strings attached which only serves to fuel the rest of the worlds scepticism on the whole issue. If "democracy" did not come bundled with all the hallmarks of the false, valueless, franchised, commercially bias, politically bankrupt, oil driven "McWorld" that we are all being increasingly forced to be part of, then the US may find that more people outside of the States would be a damn sight less critical of the agenda than they are at present.

Many of those interviewed should remember that democracy should not be confused with consumer choice, or the cynical imposition of one new set of vested interests, over centuries old vested interests. I fear that Tom Wolfes "Masters of the Universe" have simply given up their day jobs and gone into politics as the markets tail off.
Douglas Bourne, UK

I hope Tony Blair was watching this programme and realises the danger of being a "yes man" to the U.S.
M Azad, U.K.

Excellent programme. However, by focusing on the Jewishness of many neo-con thinkers, you were missing the point and leaving your programme open to accusations of anti-Semitism. The point is that the neo-cons, whether Jewish or not, are all fundamentally pro-Zionist. This is a different thing altogether from being Jewish. The fact that all these thinkers support what the Israeli government is doing in the name of Zionism is what scares and horrifies a lot of people here in the UK and in the US too. It is certainly not anti-Semitic to point this out; it's anti-Zionist and it's also called speaking the truth to power.
Tammuz, UK

Which regime should be next? May be the one that has practiced wholesale terror upon the most poorest and vulnerable peoples of this world since its inception. Yes, the one and only Uncles Sam. Intimidation, terror and American as apple pie. And by the way, this is all new wine in old bottles...
Billy, Canada

Just as Stuart Manger says, we have provoked a response from the Arab world and also this can all be used to justify the extreme measures the administration are already taking - building barbed wire camps, detaining people without trial, lawyer, family etc. Rory Bremner last week intimated the US actually needed a catastrophe to justify their actions, now and in the future.
Karen Harrison, England

The programme invoked much sadness and anxiety. Sadness, for an opportunity existed after 9/11 for the world community to unite like never before to heal the wounds by addressing with the primary cause of terrorism - injustice. Instead we got more of the same - and delivered more such impunity as to guarantee a future of conflict and death. What sort of future are we building? One of 'secure' compounds, CCTV and satellite surveillance, and erosion of liberty? Such a terrible legacy for our children.

And who benefits? The neo-conservative business empires founded on security and armaments, owned and managed by the likes of Messrs Cheney and Rumsfeld. Wake up America. They've hijacked your good name.
MM Russell, UK

You have confirmed in your programme what many people suspected about the hidden agenda of the U.S. towards the Middle East and world peace. I am disturbed and dismayed that our prime minister has been sucked in by these "new conservatives¿. Thanks Panorama for waking us all up.
M Azad, U.K.

Panorama tonight clearly indicated the long term programme that the Bush administration has in mind for dealing with it's view on "global Terrorism". The Neoconservatives had difficulty in answering many of the questions put to them -Their hesitation in starting to reply probably being due to the fact that they were going to be evasive. Their recognition that Tony Blair could be considered as a neo-conservative is in line with today's article in The Express on Sunday quoting Mrs Thatcher, saying "I wish he was a Tory! A programme giving more information on Tony Blair's connections would be most desirable. Well done! Sincerely yours Edmund Quinn
Edmund Quinn , England

We are surprised Panorama adopted such an indirect approach to the neo-conservative lobby. They were fed leading questions by the interviewer but given all the opportunity in the world to use their well-honed PR skills to portray themselves as freedom-loving democrats. Why did the programme not mention the documents produced by the Project for a New American Century in which the neo-conservatives' ambitions for world domination are so clearly stated?

Have the programme's makers not read the document of 2000 entitled 'Rebuilding America's Defences', which stated, some nine months before 9/11, that without a catastrophe similar to Pearl Harbour in 1941, it would be difficult to galvanise the American people into supporting the programme of massive arms expenditure and intervention overseas that the think tank advocates? They appear to have successfully conned many Americans into supporting an extended war. The neo-conservative threat to peace is serious enough to warrant a less equivocal and more informative documentary.
Sebastian Balfour and Grainne Palmer , UK

Let's hope an American network will air this programme. Whilst the majority of the world recognises the threat that the Bush administration and the neo-cons pose the American public are themselves blithely ignorant of the menace from their own elected(?) government.

I believe that as well as the objective of gaining a foothold in the middle east outside of Israel, and winning control of the vast Iraqi oil reserves which in turn means that they are not now beholden to OPEQ, a more sinister objective of Bush's war was to in fact provoke more terrorism which would in turn allow him to justify his military excursions to a gullible American public - my guess is his next war will start once Hollywood has made a suitably ramboesque film of this one!
Christopher J. Lothian, United Kingdom

In response to Dan Trombleys message posted here, Donald Rumsfeld was asked why there was a ring of steel outside the Iraqi oil installations and no security at the museums. He answered "I live for the future not the past." You wont see this interview if you watch a Murdoch channel.
Brian Aitkins, USA

Well done for calling the 'Axis of Evil' concept by its true name - a very bloody shovel indeed.
Corinna Coffer, UK

This was not objective, but typical of the left-liberal bias. The suggestion, none too implicit, that a Pro-Zionist cabal had 'hi-jacked' the war in Iraq was, frankly, outrageous. The real problem is that America is the only country left with any power to defend common Western values, as was evidenced in Bosnia; the reporter's comment that this is just neo-con spin is delusional. It's exactly what did happen! And it's what happened in the second world war two, arguably the first. Regardless, keep a watch on the left in England; is it going to become anti-Semitic, as seems to be happening in France...
Ben Wright, UK

A first rate programme. Thankyou.
Tim Gee, UK

Seemed a little shallow. Seemed to suggest that a few Jews pulled the strings and the president, Dick Cheney, Rice, Rumsfeld an others were just duped by the cabal of Jews. Could Panorama really expect us to believe this?
Jim Runnymede, UK

Tonight's programme bravely showed how a small, unelected group effectively control America's foreign policies. What kind of democracy is that? And what sort of liberty, other than the liberty of big businesses to move into new territories, is the neoconservatives promoting?

These thinkers take the complexity of the world and squeeze it into media-savvy terms of 'good' and 'evil' - the definitions of which they themselves are staking out. Axes of evil? What about the repugnant eye-for-an-eye policies of Israel, where the rate of suicide bombings have soared since Sharon's leap into power? Rather than setting an example as a 'leading democracy', Sharon's Israel is creating breeding grounds for new hatred, which is not addressed by the neocons, claiming to be so worried about world safety.

But than again the causes of 'evil' are never as interesting as its punishment... Tonight's programme also gave an insight into the way capitalist and conservative forces are promoted by certain media outlets - a rare glimpse, not coincidentally made available on the BBC, a medium owned by the people rather than giant conglomerates.
Sofia Johansson, Sweden

The Neo-conservatives and militant Muslims deserve each other!
Phillip Day, England

Well done Steve, Well done editors. This is bravery.
Graham C, UK

Thanks to the BBC for finally acknowledging that the most powerful country in the world is being run by the kind of people that only wish to see the global divide between rich and poor grow. If only the programme had time to tell the viewer where the Neo-Cons have originated from and asked the questions that we want to ask. The consistent denial of facts does nothing but infuriate. We know the stance of the administration. If they want to run the world, they'll soon have to answer to the world.
Paul McLauchlan, U.K.

Usual load biased drivel and the same goes for 'Correspondent'. Roll on the abolition of the licence fee
Mike M, UK

Well done Panorama, this is clearly a worrying prospect for all human beings - to be at the mercy of pro-war American zionist's. When will the world stop being driven by Religion? Lets hope the neo-conservatives don't get their way with North Korea, or we will all pay for it.
Rachel Stewart, England

At long last the BBC has produced something other than a multi-cultural attack on the indigenous British people. It is frightening how a group of people based on the other side of the Atlantic can influence a string of events that will ultimately lead to British citizens being killed in terrorist attacks. Tonight the BBC haven't been anti-semitic, but honest. If to seek the truth is racist then we are all racists.
Rob Purcell, UK

Thank you so much for your work on the corrupt nature of events leading to the war on Iraq. Your programme gave me hope that these people will not have things all their own way. Accurate and unbiased information is a beacon of light and it is so reassuring that this comes from the BBC
Kate Arnold

The fact that Bush is living it up with Neo Conservatives really disturbs me, but doesn¿t surprise me. In my opinion, they are a bunch of fascist's who are obsessed with war. Just look at the Project For a New American Century, what's that all about?
Carl Dublin, UK

They do not call Richard Perle the Prince of Darkness for nothing. Bradshaw's research /quiet investigative style/his patience and the results he got were outstanding. I do hope most fervently that Tony Blair was watching that programme. It is precisely the neo-con insinuative world agenda, involving glibly contemplated military strikes on whoever, and wherever, subversion and destruction of regimes they do not like - or can make a gullible President and nation believe they do not like - confrontation with one of the world's oldest, most respected, most numerous religions, their disgraceful caricaturing of Islam in neat, grotesques that make wonderful headlines and sound bytes, but add nothing to any kind of sophisticated. responsible analysis.

That is what terrifies - so much power, so little responsibility. That is what terrifies, and maybe even more is the supine, sub-Churchillian language a sincere but duped Blair used to cajole the nation. How will the Neo-Cons explain the lack of WMD? Or perhaps they no longer need them - after all, it's over now, no need for the fig leaf.

I believe that we have just recruited a million new suicide bombers, made many cities unsafe, and given a thrill to neo-cons. They really can justify their aggressive military agenda, because within eighteen months, there will be exactly the embattled West they crave. If you no longer have the Cold War to justify your obsessions, then look for or manufacture another one. With Murdoch / Fox on your side, the Defence industry in the USA and UK can rub their hands with quiet, relieved glee once more on the expectation of plenty.
Stuart Manger, UK

I can't understand how Panorama can go into so much useful detail on policy of the US regime without once mentioning the pervasive links between the power brokers and the US oil industry.

This war had little to do with terrorism or WMDs. These were just useful justifications. The war was to keep the oil price down, like all policy in the middle east. They need fast exports of oil over the next few years. Oil companies, construction firms, arms traders all benefit hugely while Iraqis die by the hundred.

It's sick, and makes me feel ashamed to be a citizen of a country that backed the policy of the US against the will of our people.
Mervyn Carter, UK

An excellent programme that really challenged my views. To find the contents of the programme disturbing does not make me or anyone else anti American. No country is "good" or "evil" and the same applies to America. The world is much more complex than that. Everyone¿s motives are complex as well and it would be naive to think otherwise.

If this programme highlights the dangers / risks of neo-conservatism all well and good. The UK, France, Germany, USA etc are all democracies and all are imperfect. We do not share the same views and do not need to. It makes us all the stronger if we allow it to.
Andrew Vaughan, UK

There is also no doubt that neo-cons use public anger of 9/11, which should be turned into a review of US policy behaviours, for their own propaganda purposes. The world is also not used to seeing think tanks be so forefront and blatant about their goals. Blair is also advised by think tanks but people have the illusion that those influences do not exist outside the US. Politics is not pure political philosophy. It's dangerous to let a branch of political philosophers run the government. Finally, neo-cons give the impression of being too academic about things. It's not a debate, not a game! It's war and peace. To answer Dan, the answer is the establishment of American government own the Wall St and is making tonnes of money out of this operation! Africa needs help, but no money to be made, no actions out there!!
Yifan Zhang, China

The programme to night I found very interesting. Whether you like it or not the American neo conservatives are putting an ideological agenda on the table which we have not had since the so called fall of communism.

In the subsequent years we have had a period of calm while a new agenda is tabled. This is now the time for us in the UK to decide (get a consensus) how we should respond. There is not a do nothing option.

Which way do we face? Personally I don't trust Europe to put a credible alternative agenda (you may not see the US neo conservative agenda as credible however they certainly can demonstrate they have the power and influence to get it on the table)

I think we (in the UK) ought to get a debate underway pretty sharpish. We are probably the only credible party in geographical Europe that can get to the table and speak anyway.

Whether they (the US listen) well that will depend on what we have to say and how well we are prepared to back it up.
Richard Chinn, United Kingdom

Neo-conservativism presents our biggest threat to global peace. Those with dual loyalties - individuals purporting to serve our freedom and our interests in the free West, when actually they are nakedly serving Israel's - need to be exposed. Tonight's programme was a powerful insight into the transparency of their agenda - out and out extreme Zionism.
Ovais Naqvi, UK

I felt the programme raised some important and under-discussed issues about the influence of the US neo-cons. However, it was disappointing that little emphasis was given to the financial links of the members of these groups. From whom do they receive their funding?
Robert Shackleton, UK

Tonight¿s programme should be shown to every politician in the uk and usa. I hope Tony Blair saw it! Looks like we have all been duped. Excellent reporting.
B A Ward, England

I think tonight's programme was brilliant, although I am a lot more frightened of the world I live in. Still I think your programme has highlighted the real concerns most people in this country have about American foreign policy. I have always had the utmost respect for the American people and hope they put a stop to this lunacy. Well done! p.s. How about a programme on those 'weapons of mass destruction'? Mr Blair needs to be exposed for the liar he was. I say this as a long life Labour supporter. Mr Blair it appears is a neo Conservative (Big C).
Alison Stokoe, Scotland

Dan T is spot on. The programme should have been much better but revealed it's own prejudices through spooky music and shady black and white stills, as if there were such a conspiracy! It is hugely offensive to ask these guys whether they are a mafia - they have nothing to hide, they wear their values on their sleeves, articulate their views clearly, Perle especially. Their values are timeless, that people need liberty from tyranny. These are British values too and I struggle to see why their values are so contentious. Reagan was right when he said the soviet union was an evil empire. Neocons rightly denounce other tyrannies for what they are and articulate that it is therefore only appropriate that America assists in defeating tyranny elsewhere.
Douglas Shaw, uk

In the long term scheme of things the US neo-conservatives will join others who wished to impose their ideology on other peoples through force, eg the crusades, the Nazis, al-Qaeda and so on. I have enormous faith in humanity to somehow prevail against these movements, unless of course the US ends humanity through a nuclear war with North Korea.
John Wragg, Belgium (British)

I've just watched your programme about the neo-conservatives and I feel shocked. In their own way I feel these people are as fanatical about their apparent "cause" as any Islamic extremist.

I was wondering if these people are high level freemasons. I'm only 24 and probably shouldn't even be concerning myself with these matters but I feel the state of the world today and the people in charge of it will probably stop me from living till 50. America is controlled by the same people who covered up JFK's assassination. These people are the problem not the remedy.
Scott, Austria

Well done Panorama, it's about time someone shed the light on what's happening - in the US now, but UK later. These people are so blind that they cannot even begin to look at why so many people are suspicious of their motives and what created the anti US feeling in the first place, is terrifying in what are supposed to be our leaders. The arrogance of assuming US values are appropriate for the rest of the world is astonishing. They can't even protect Baghdad Museum and its contents.
Karen Harrison, England

Not big surprises for me!. Panorama has just confirmed what we have suspected all alone. What I really want to see, is a similar program informing the British public "who pulls Tony Blair's strings! Keep up the good work
Marisa Sarda Anton , England

As a Labour Party member I am even more concerned at this country's involvement with the U.S. Govt. I hope that even at this late stage Tony Blair realises the mistake he has made and that Cabinet members will prevent any future recklessness.
Ian Davies, UK

The Neo-con and PNAC information has been available literally for years. The Observer named names and detailed the basic story in February. Your own reporter was on the story DURING the war. Yet you chose to say nothing till after the war is over. Would someone care to explain why you effectively withheld information which provided such solid support for the anti-war protest?

When are we going to see programmes on the REAL reason why Blair backed the war, and the fact that in the US or the UK administrations no one except Bush ever seriously believed in the so-called weapons of mass destruction?
Jack Chapman, UK

I was impressed by Steve Bradshaw's bold attempt to bring to light certain aspects of the darker side of US politics. A highly informative show, reminding viewers of the high and fair standards of the BBC. What gives any state (who has a history of hypocrisy) the right to decide whether another sovereign state should be democratic?, especially a state who supported the Pinochet regime alongside countless other non-democratic puppet regimes. Internationally agreed frameworks should be promoted rather than vigilante intervention which sets a dangerous precedent for other nations.
Anna Mason, United Kingdom

I have always been pro-America and Pro-Israel, however the US's move to the right and the way in which anyone who dares to oppose their view is vilified terrifies me. I have recently received from an American family member an e-mail describing a recent event in which she met Mr Bush, it frankly made the hair on my neck stand up, her description of the presidents arrival and his subsequent 'speech' read like a description of the Pre- war Hitler rallies. For Gods sake America wake up and realise the president is not god and you are not the chosen people.
Gary Hambly, U.K.

I must say after watching your programme on neo's, that I can see a world war in the next few years if we let America just march in to any country and do want they want, the middle east will react, it must be a UN decision to handle any dictators. And we as a member of the UN must abide by the rules.
Paul Cordara, Britain

So the BBC believes that a 'Jewish conspiracy' is running the White House. Professor Cohen certainly picked up your reporter's agenda quickly enough. Isn't it time the BBC declared its true beliefs, rather than the insistent, drip, drip of anti Jewish feeling that up to now has been masquerading as criticism of Israel.
M J Freedman, UK

Thank God for Panorama saying what everyone I know have been worrying about for ages. The implications worry me. US Democracy is practically hijacked. Blair is taken along with it rather than a part of it. But I'm tired of giving him the benefit of the doubt. These neo-cons asked Clinton to wage war on Iraq way-back and said Oil and Israel was the reason. Wake up everyone. Wake up.
Mark Brady, UK

We should all be very disturbed by the way President Bush is being led by the nose by this group of right-wing extremists. Frankly I am not surprised though. He is a very susceptible man who would allow himself to be influenced by such persuasive people. This is America at its worst - a noxious mixture of ignorance and arrogance. We should all hope and pray for sanity to revisit the Whitehouse.
Nicholas, UK

Blair is as 'Neo-Conservative' as they come. Anyone who cheered as Portillo was ousted in 1997 must be feeling very foolish now.
Dan Jones, UK

I am fed up of those imaginary conspiracies against Jewish people. The only 15 million in the whole world 'have no right for opinion or political affiliations': That is a racist mentality. A conspiracy is the boycotts imposed by Europe against Israelis because of Arab's oil and power. Racist programme, typical BBC.
Susanna Moscovich, UK

At least democracy is alive and kicking in the UK! Throughout the invasion/liberation of Iraq the media in the UK ignored the machinations occurring behind the scenes. Tonight you showed what the true American agenda is.....and it has nothing to do with ' freedom'.
Clive Cooke, UK

perhaps the neo-conservatives would like to join the American armed forces and run the risk of being killed since they want to commit the American forces to more fatalities
W Hatton, UK

Did I hear a sound shift in neo con policy this evening. Not "Weapons" of mass destruction but "Governments" of mass destruction? I await the president's next sound bites - either British or American - with curiosity.
Judy Haines, Britain

Thank you for your frank Panorama report of the rise of the US neo-conservatives. As you point out, this 'is very worrying not only for the American people, but also for the British people'

The mystery to me is why it has taken the BBC so long to pick up on this issue. The 'Project for the New American Century' has been around for a number of years, and the neo-cons have exerted an unholy influence on US politics for some time. Moreover the story has been in the public domain for at least the last few months. Significant coverage of this issue prior to the Iraq invasion may even have prevented Britain's involvement.
Mark Priestley, Scotland

We have seen what bleeding heart liberals have done to the West - created a sift environment where terrorists can act with impunity. Evil flourishes when good men do nothing, good men are now doing something, whatever title you give them.
Doug Pasmore , UK

I think that there should have been a programme - or preferably programmes - such as this as soon as the "Axis of Evil" speech was delivered, let alone around the time of war. What is totally confounding is the lack of historical sophistication on the part of "neo-conservatives". They possess a cursory view of 'difference' in large part because they are ideologically programmed to be reflexively reluctant to try and understand that maybe all people do not want to live according to their ideals. Contrary to their propaganda, their professed ideals are not universal and certainly should not be systematically implemented by the use of force around the world. Popular support for them is in large part redolent of the more sinister aspects of nationalist/fascist threads throughout modern history.
Andy Farrow, UK

It is frightening that in a so called enlightened age, a large majority of people are under the illusion that Blair and Bush are fighting are fighting a war on terrorism out of the goodness of their hearts - well done Panorama for an excellent programme outlining how the pro-Zionist thinkers in Washington are proving themselves the real dictators to be reckoned with.
Elaine Avsar, UK

Congratulations on a great documentary. The Zionist take over of the White House is chilling. ...and Tony Blair..what can I say..very sad.
Conrad Konig, United Kingdom

More biased drivel. To paraphrase: "The neo-con storm troopers will roll over anyone who gets in their way". That's balance is it? Almost makes the pathetic 'Correspondent' edition tonight look realistic (no mention of News 24's execrable war coverage, I noticed). You have no idea how pleased I am to be forced to pay for this.

Well done the BBC.
Steve B, UK

Interesting subject matter, hope to see more of this. It seems the world really does have to worry about increased terrorism and war because of the think tanks in the USA.
Halima Hussain, United Kingdom

Excellent. Keep up the good work - we want to know more.
Anne and Richard Lambourn, UK

Isn't America just doing what Britain did 100 years ago with the Empire, but ultimately failed just as they will. Man never learns.
Paul Selzer, (Dis) United Kingdom

It scares me that there are people out there willing to test their theories with the lives of others. I never trust that amount of confidence.
Andrew Bailey, UK

The rise of the "neo-conservatives" in America is very worrying not only for the American people, but also for the British people. Tony Blair seems to fully support the Americans especially in war situations and we do not want Britain becoming involved in all of America's wars with what they consider are their enemies. The tragic events of 9/11 have caused America to re-think much of it's foreign policy, and I do think, that if they are not closely watched it will lead to a third world war. As a strong ally of America Tony Blair, as the current Prime Minister, must use all of his influence to steer America clear of going to war with every country that it views are their enemy. They have named a number of countries which they consider to be a threat to them and what they term as world peace. The continual pursuit of going to war with these countries is a greater threat to world peace than, I think, the countries themselves.
Steve Fuller, England

Blair a Neo-Con? Why do the BBC believe that it is startling? It's all about self delusion and illusion of absolute righteousness and the Neo Cons have that in abundance.
Sally Webb, UK

What a load of rubbish Panorama has become. The question is Blair "neo-conservative" is ridiculous. Would a neo-conservative bring in a windfall tax for a jobs programme as Blair has done. Introduce a national minimum wage? Massively increase spending on a free health service? OK so he is not afraid of taking military action against dictators like Saddam Hussein, but that doesn't make him conservative. The country swung right behind him when he showed it was the right thing to do. Blair's values come from progressive Christian values of caring for your neighbours and community and wanting to do something to make the world a better place. He is one of our country's finest leaders and the Labour Party is proud of him. Just because the USA conservatives like him too doesn't make him one of them
Peter Todd, UK

I am shocked that the BBC believes the USA wants anything but to help the Iraqi people and to put a stop to the terrorists in the world. Why do you hate our President for trying to bring order to the world.
Dan Trombley, USA

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