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After the BSE scare I thought chicken was a safe bet. It was scary to find out what has been going on - I am now seriously considering becoming vegetarian. What other ghastly things are happening to 'meat' products - I shudder to think! I thought the chap from the FSA was a bit blase about Panorama's findings.
Tina Connor, England

I could not sleep after seeing the chicken run programme. How do we know what we are eating? I feel sorry for the younger generation, having five grandchildren.
Hughes, England

Oversensationalised entertainment. The UK market and consumers demand cheap chicken and businesses take advantage of that . Shock expose!
Richard, England

I watched you program with interest & agree that animal proteins sould not be used in chicken or other meats, but only a few of your replies hit really at the truth. The British public will not pay good money for good food. And the supermarkets are forcing the manufactures down this route becuase of it.
Richard Farish, UK

Thoroughly great programme. Could you send a copy to our minister of Health in Belgium and Flanders because this is so shocking and needs action all over Europe. It is sad that fraudsters know how to play the European single-market better than the actual regulators. It is completely in character with so many people involved in food industry where short term gains are more important than long term well being and therefore long term gains. Congratulations and keep it up.
Antoon Van Coillie, Belgium

This was excellent investigative journalism and a credit to Panaroma. However, it does raise the issue that the consumer in England must be prepared to more for quality food and put pressure on supermarkets not to stock cheap product such as Dutch chicken. I am deeply concerned that a generation of people could be afflicted with illness caused by inappropriate farming methods; overuse of pesticides, poor animal husbandry, genetic modification of plants. Added to this danger are dubious food production practices.
John, England

I was amazed that it is apparently legal to cheat customers by injecting chicken with brine, which has no other purpose than to make the meat heavier. There should be a legal requirement that such meat be described as "watered down chicken". And if the "hydrolised protein" on the additives list is derived from pigs, say, it should be shown as "hydrolised pig protein".
Brian Simpson, UK

I found it a pity that Panorama did not tell the entire story about these chicken fillets. Ten years ago people started injecting 10% of water to make the chickenfillets slightly more tender. Over the years people have started asking for cheaper products, and this is one way of creating a cheaper product. What I would like to point out that this product is produced to customers specifications, cheap - cheaper - cheapest, and I find it a bit daft to think that the quality will remain as is.
Name witheld, Netherlands

Thank you for an excellent programme. I am so angry with the food producers and supermarkets who are trying to sell me adulterated food. I'm particularly pleased that you named some of them. They have just lost my vote.
John Brownbill, UK

Excellent investigative journalism. I hope you'll let the Dutch into your findings - there's nothing about your programme in today's Volkskrant, Holland's quality daily.
Richard Gault, Netherlands

John Doe could not have paid much attention to the programme, when at the Food Fair in Paris the representative from a Dutch company said more water more profit. I for one will no longer buy any products from Holland. It's going to be locally produced chicken from a local supplier. As far as the FSA goes, they seem to be as much use as a us as a rail link to the middle of the North Sea.
Chris, England

The public have the answer to this problem themselves. If they stopped buying cheap food ie-frozen meals and ready made meals and just bought fresh or organic, the price of these would come down and people with not much money would be able to eat better. It is true you get what you pay for, if you pay little money for an item your going to get rubbish. The chicken story I'm sure is only the tip of the iceberg.
Archie Henderson, Scotland

I felt this was an excellent piece of investigative journalism. However the programme was spoilt by the intrusive background music (so called). Films and documentaries have always had background music but in recent months this has increased to the point where I have ceased watching some favourite programmes ie, Gardener's World and a number of historical documentaries. Are programme makers afraid of occasional silences? In the case of the Panorama programme in question, the synthetised noise continued over the dialogue, making it diffuclt to concentrate on what was being said. Documentaries are among my favourite programmes and my comments apply to many other programme where, in recent months, so called music has become so intrusive as to spoil a programme, and in my case caused me to turn the television off after a few minutes. I should add that as a part time music teacher I have a great love for music!
Alan Griffith, England

People worry so much about what is in their plate and yet that doesn't stop them smoking and drinking. Where is the logic?
Annick, France

I was very surprised to find the head of FSA almost dismissing your excellent investigations (and the risk) on technicality of law. I am at pains to point out to him that if the law within which he is working in is not helping his cause, then he should seek to change it through parliament. Maybe be he should take some lessons from the taxman! It is very worrying to find that this is the man we have put our trust in to keep charge of our food safty, one can only pray that there are far more competent and better people in the agency than the performance he displayed on panorama.
Kweku Fynn, England

Whilst the programme clearly highlighted a problem, I feel that it did suffer from selective reporting. In particular in the programme the implication was given that lots of major food retailers sold chicken containing cow or pig protein, but your table on the website showed only one - Sainsbury's - to sell a pure chicken product so contaminated. All the others had valid reasons for the presence in the product of non chicken dna. I presume that you would have tested pure chicken products, but as none showed the contaminants to support your editorial line, you failed to mention this.
Howard Fisher, UK

Thank you very much Panorama and the journalists who went to great lengths to expose the truth about the food we are eating which truthfully shouldnt be in stores/shops and as for the FSA director who couldnt not stand the truth, please wake up and do the job you are paid to do with the tax payers money and for the rest of you keep up the good work and for the muslims who sell this knowing the truth shame on you.
S. Jogee, UK

Well done for bringing this to the nations attention. What concerns me more than the way we are mislead, is the fact that organisations created to protect us (FSA and others), seem unable to do so. The Director of the FSA stated he could not possibly know what is in every food product on every shelf. I would like to know where he shops, as I bet he knows exactly what is in every product he buys for his family.
Marc Lloyd, U.K

It's all to easy to blame the corrupt companies or the government, but it really comes down to us the consumer to educate ourselves about the food we eat.
Peter, England

Absolutely fantastic exposure of what I am sure is just a fraction of what is really going on in the industry! We gave up meat eating during the foot and mouth scam and haven't looked back. We are against most of all the cruelty in farming, and transportation of live animals. But how can people honestly believe that what they are putting into their bodies is what the package says. If I wasn't vegetarian already - I sure would be after seeing that show this evening. Congratulations, keep up the great work that you do on this show.
Mary Alice Pollard, UK

In your programme someone said that adding proteins from other animals was like eating a cat or a dog to some people. As a person that thought that he was eating halal, this is exactly how I feel.. I am very upset
Arshad Shah, UK

10 out of 10 for exposing this 'scam' to the British public. Good investigative work which was on the whole well presented. That said, as someone with a PhD in Molecular Biology I was MOST concerned with the scientific content of your report. What is the phrase "PCR negative protein" supposed to mean?

PCR is a molecular technique that amplifies a specific region of a DNA molecule - it has NOTHING what-so-ever to do with protein. Also the suggestion that reducing the foreign DNA content down to a single base pair would prevent the PCR tests from working due to an inability of single DNA base pairs to recombine is misleading. Although DNA recombination is impossible with a single base pair I cannot see how any molecular scientist would attribute the failure of the PCR test such as this to a lack of recombination - it's much more likely to be an absence of template to amplify!

The "secret" DNA reduction process used by these manufactures probable reduces the foreign DNA to single base pairs rather than a single base pair. An it is a VERY interesting question of how they do this - a DNAase by any chance ? The quantities required would, I suggest, require recombinant protein and therefore should these "products" actually be labelled as GM? This is a major point you missed completely. 10 out of 10 for investigation. 3 out of 10 for explanation of scientific content.
David Millband, Scotland

Panorama, Thank You for your excellent programme on the chicken processing industry. My main thought on this topic, is that too many people in this country want quality goods and pay peanuts for it. I hope this is the incentive for the public to support our own farming industry by buying direct from the farmer, even though it may be at a premium.
Dean Ritchie, England

Great investigative journalism - well done. The public made in clear they weren't buying into GM produced food and the supermarkets listened. If the FSA has no teeth to protect us we can protect ourselves by returning all chicken in our fridges back to the supermarket. I'm going to do this - and if everyone else does they will soon get the hint. The government is not interested in protecting us so we must protect ourselves.
Lynn, UK

I was shocked by the FSA Director, someone in his position should at least have the intelligence and strength to withstand such serious questioning. A pathetic state. This does nothing to inspire confidence, something which I had little of anyway, this confirms why. Brilliant documentary, keep up the good work.
Deborah Venables, UK

I found the programme to be extremely informative, the fact that muslims are in effect being fed pork against their will is unbelievable - this is one of the basic parts of their religion. also the hygiene aspects are questionable to say the least, are these products required to be marked as genetically modified? maybe we should concentrate on British chicken from now on.
Chris Geary, UK

Some of my friends are vegetarian (I'm not) - I can now see their point. Your programme was eye opening. The full weight of European law should be brought down on these people, and the public must wake up to the fact that they are being misled on a massive scale.
Jimmy Peden, England

Can someone tell me what IS safe to eat these days?
Dave, UK

Like Neil, can I have the name of that legitimate farmer to get his products from now on? I try to buy organic meats for me and my family but there aren't many local organic farmers. Well done Panorama.
Kacka Howden, England

This may be a silly question, but why do we not just buy pure chicken from the same sources as the Dutch buy theirs, then we'd not only get chicken which is uncontaminated but also get it cheaper, which it must be or they wouldn't be making a profit. Is there some Euro Law that states we must buy chicken from Holland or what?
Derek, Scotland

Is it possible that animal proteins are injected into vegetarian meat substitutes
Christine Ferguson, England

Absolutely horrifying it made me sick to my stomach that we feed ourselves and our children this rubbish. The fact that pork/beef protein is added to chicken is against the religious beliefs of muslims, Jews and even Hindus. The only way to prevent this abuse is to stop buying it. Either stop eating the stuff or be damn sure you know where its coming from and what it has in it
Nabila, UK

Well done on a great piece of investigative journalism. I now feel disgusted and cheated and let down by the authorities/food standards agency. Do they not have the right to turn up unannounced at these places and check out the contents and practices - they need more teeth and vision.
Alan Kirkwood, Scotland

Very interesting programme. (I'm almost ashamed being Dutch.) I can only hope that the people doing this can be stopped with the evidence you've collected!
Astrid Smit, Holland

A very informative programme. What was worrying is that food labelled halal has pork and beef protein. Pork is totally disallowed in Islam but the source of the beef, if not halal is also disallowed this not only affects the Muslim community but the Hindu's too as they are prohibited beef. This practice has to be stamped out as it is not stating exact contents and nobody wants to eat inferior products. Many people chose to eat chicken thinking it was a source of clean meat but this program shows the extent of what unscrupulous people do to make money and have total disregard for religion and the publics right to know what they are eating.
Abdul Majeed, UK

Shocking, but an excellent report. Interesting to search and find that in the USA (under Federal Law) meat additives MUST be identified as to the species of origin.

I really think the FSA here needs to sort this mess out. The DNA "wipe" in the report is worrying. If you buy chicken, (or another meat product) then that's what it should be - Nothing else! Lastly why do we import so much meat, why can't we make our own? (I do hope this programme has an "update" to see if anything has done or changed)
Dominic Wickman, UK

I watched your programme this evening and had to look away on several occasions, as I felt physically ill. My children and I have probably eaten that slimy disgusting modge at sometime and this makes me very angry. The FSA are a joke, another gimmick by New Labour, all show and no substance. This practice of doctoring chicken and adding cheaper pork and beef protein is disgusting and should be illegal.

Thank you for a very informative, if depressing, programme. Once again I feel disillusioned by the efforts of some dishonest people to put profits ahead of people's health. I hope the FSA acts decisively on this evidence and that Panorama gives an update in the future. Does anyone know if it's an accepted fact that chicken produced to the British Standard label isn't tampered with during processing?
Angela, England

Excellent programme. The man from FSA was very quick to ride on the back of your reporters findings . from one pro to another it begs the question what are we eating - my wife's family are Dutch so it was quite near to home. I will ask my local stores i.e. Tesco online etc if the chicken they supply is pure chicken and not 50% water.
Peter Wells, British

Thank you Panorama for your brilliant research. I'm Sure the FSA had no idea about the DNA covering until you exposed it. What annoys me more is that poultry companies use exotic names for additives but do not indicate weather the extra product is beef or pork. I have to say that¿s ok for Christians but many faiths forbid such products to be eaten.
Richard Sweetman, England

A disturbing show, I think from now on I'll buy from the local butchers!
David Anderson, England

Congratulations on a very informative program. I cannot thank you enough for informing us as to what we could be buying. Hopefully the public will now want to eat more fresh British reared chicken, or at least ask where there sandwich content came from. It would appear that the FSA is a waste of time and as for super market buyers, there is little to say except "who regulates them". It's obvious from your programme that price is their main concern and not quality.
Alan Simpson, England

I have just seen the Panorama programme "Chicken Run", and found it very interesting. Working in the Industry I found the program very one-sided. Clearly Panorama forgot to ask one simple and very important question why are producers adding water to chicken products?

The answer is just as simple. The consumer wants cheap products.

Surveys have shown, that when asking consumers what they want to eat they say bio ecological foods even if they have to pay a premium for these products, however when going shopping and looking it is the finances that are the most important and most consumers go for the cheapest products.

Ten poultry processors were looked into, but only three results were shown, what happened to the results of the other seven. Did these results not prove the point that Panorama was trying to make. Journalism should report the truth and show both sides of the story, the Panorama programme did not however.
John Doe, Holland

If the FSA is to safeguard the food we eat then they, and not the BBC Panorama team must have the intelligence and initiative to carry out pre emptive action. In addition they must be made to keep the consuming public aware in a very public way. For instance, with the case in point they should have told us years ago why the poultry imported to Britain from Holland is cheaper than the home reared version. It should not matter that in their eyes it is legal. In any right minded person's eyes it is a con trick. As for the supermarkets, restaurants etc that purchase this rubbish they are beneath contempt.
Albert Dorsey, England

As an Englishman living in the Netherlands, I found the programme very interesting (although it would have been better without the music and melting ice chicken). Until people realise that you get what you pay for (more or less), become better educated about their food, and patronise the few remaining decent specialist shops with good food, the supermarkets and poorer restaurants will get away with fleecing the public. The last laugh is surely on those who drink skimmed milk: the casein extracted from it is re-sold to them as protein additive to the chicken they probably think is healthier than lamb.
Graham Lea, Netherlands

Thank you for letting us, the public, in on the secrets of what we are eating. I have now checked my freezer and found the chicken I have includes "hydrolysed vegetable protein". I have to wonder if this is what creative people call the additive when the DNA is no longer detectable? If so, isn't this mislabelling?
Richard, England

May we extend to your Panorama journalists the same praise permanently extended to the team at the Radio 4 Today programme. That is, that you contribute more sense to such matters than the whole of Parliament and the Ministries put together. Congratulations for an excellent programme and for exposing the FSA Director as a prize clown. Thank you, we value you work.
Digger, UK

At last we, the consumer have someone to fight our corner. The government create the FSA (Food Standards Agency) to assure the public we will get a fair and satisfactory supply of products but it takes the journalist to uncover the common greed that the super companies all feed on. Our natural need for food within our budget. We would be better using local suppliers or breeding our own chickens in our gardens. At least you will know where the eggs will come from.
Paul McCaul, England

Why don't we all start buying free range chickens? The price would then surely come down.
Susie, England

I have just finished watching "chicken run" on the BBC this evening. I am absolutely appalled that this is going on without us even knowing. As consumers we have the right to know what is in our food. I looked at some of the food in my fridge after the programme and the labels are already making more sense. I try not to buy too much processed food but sometimes it's hard not to because of our busy lives. After watching the programme I am definitely going to look at the labels more when I go shopping. I wonder what other meat we eat contains hydrolysed proteins? Even the bacon I have in my fridge is from Holland and this states on the label that it contains water. Well done to Panorama for enlightening us!
Alison Cottrell, England

Interesting stuff about the beef in chicken but didn't the FSA miss the point about labelling - when was the last time you went to a school/college/work canteen or ate dinner at a restaurant to see the menu say "chicken pasta (chicken minimum meat content 50%, contains beef") - that¿s the real scandal! Its about time we recognised that cheap food is cheap for a reason!
Ian Langford, England

Your 'chicken run' programme was very good and detailed and deserves recognition in the form of heavy fines or sentences. It seems clear enough to me that the problem is with the water, i.e. you stop them increasing the size and weight of their chickens and you stop the majority of risks. Plus all the cloak and dagger issues of detecting which animal proteins were used shouldn't mean as much.
Aaron O'Connor, Ireland

Fantastic programme. Seems to me that if the only reason for using protein additives is to retain the superfluous water, why doesn't the FSA insist on chicken having a maximum water content of say 5%. Easily measurable and it would mean we aren't gobbling up energy resources by transporting water all over the globe.
John Foster, UK

I am absolutely appalled at the responses of the Food Standards Agency. What is our taxation money being spent on, when we clearly are not being protected against this food crime. Is it a Food Standards or just a Food Labelling watchdog?
Brian Mulholland, United Kingdom

Having moved from Belgium to the UK we are realizing that the UK is extremely laid back on quality of food, we know from Belguim that the meat industry is bad but measures have been taken and there are constant investigations. The UK is a dumping ground for all sorts of cheap and for a better word unreliable food products. Basically the UK authorities are allowing meat which has been artificially been increased in weight to be imported into the country. A fortune is being made by unscrupulous businessmen and all because the UK is so easy on everything. The issue has now been highlighted but soon after it will be business as usual.
Martin Lowe, UK

A very interesting program tonight. Being a keen chicken eater myself i was horrified to hear that chickens were being pumped full of water, proteins etc (i had no idea). I was disgusted at the FSA's spokesman's attitude and it was obvious that they did not have a clue about these actions, when he cut the interview short. I don't understand that the Dutch/German governments have not taken action against such companies before hand.
Andy Packiarajah, England

What a great programme and investigation! It's funny how that the FSA said they were the first to discover and do anything about this problem! - I got the impression they knew nothing about it until Panorama told them. Then instead of agreeing it was unacceptable and vowing to tackle the problem - they walk out! How are we meant to have faith in this Government agency to protect our food interests with people like that running it? Well done Panorama!
Dave MacCormack, England

The practice of using protein from different species in any food product has no moral defence. I think the answer is in accurate food labelling. Prosecute any company selling food wrongly labelled. Fines are not a deterrent, until a director of one of these retailers is jailed nothing will be done to protect the public.
George Payne, England

How this programme lost the plot! At the start the focus was on the pumping up of chicken with up to 50 per cent water, and the bad value this causes - takeaway food being mentioned.

Later it was a hunt for non-poultry DNA, with one major supermarket mentioned for its child-friendly processed food. If the chicken had 50 percent added water using only chicken protein it would have been ok?

And we, the consumer, can read the label? Rubbish! When we buy a kebab from a takeaway we have NO idea what we are eating! So what was the recommendation to the public as to how to avoid this disgusting produce? None. Oh, I forgot. Television doesn't do that any longer. Just another scare story. Sorry BBC...
Peter Harrison, UK

I found the programme to be of great concern. How can these people be allowed to do this. I feed my children chicken on a regular basis as we thought it was free from beef.
Liz Evans, England

I am really thankful that I was near the telly when this programme was broadcasted. I strongly thank you for bringing such issues into the spotlight. I was aware that things are being concealed from us as our Arabic media sometimes interview a women called "Marrium Noor" who always stresses on what we eat. However, I've never known what exactly these things were till today when I watch your Panorama. As a Muslim, this explains so much to me. Thank you very much again.
Ali, A student in UK from Saudi Arabia

Until these practices are made absolutely illegal (by all members of the EU) then the pressure on our food processors will ensure that "dodgy" meat is being used.

The EEC also has to ban the import of all food stuff's from outside of the EU that do not comply with our own legislation. Typically this sort of behaviour has not happened in the past, this of course puts more pressure on our domestic suppliers.

We need to clean up our own act, but we also need to ensure that foreign companies who see into our markets also have to comply with our standards.
Dave, UK

Amazing! I am gob smacked, words just can't describe how amazed and angry I am.
Ngawai , UK

Chicken Run - an excellent programme. I always check labels to ensure that I and my family avoid eating any beef products. Prior to the programme I had no idea that it was injected into chicken, ham and other products. Even more food to avoid due to the lack of protection given by the FSA. The products that I consider safe to eat has reduced yet again and the time spent reading labelling when shopping for food has increased.
Arnold Tarling, UK

Pig in chicken? This not only has repercussions for the Muslim community, but the Jewish community, also. Breaking down base DNA sequences in order to save a couple of pounds on the price of meat? No thanks. The British public must unite to demand greater standards in our food. Furthermore, the FSA needs to be given teeth to prevent this sort of thing happening again.
Jondab Ali, England

I was truly disgusted by the findings of the documentary. I am a Muslim and eat chicken fillets on a regular basis. to think that I am buying something that may contain to me illegal substances i.e. pork is a violation of my basic human rights. The FSA need to get there act together and stop this despicable act.
Tariq Mahmood, UK

I watched your programme and was absolutely disgusted by what I saw. I'm vegetarian but occasionally eat chicken and to see that it contained other meat products thoroughly shocked me. There should be a law against this, something must be done to stop it.
Emma Hodgkinson, England

If more people supported British Farmers and ate British produce then the price would fall and we would no longer have to import from Holland. We have no idea as to how these chickens are raised or slaughtered as they are imported from outside the EU.
A. Falnes, UK

When you purchase anything it should be what you expect. FSA need to get there act together this is not acceptable. would you like to eat a cat or dog ... no you would not that¿s the same for muslims they don¿t want pork in their chicken.
Mohammed Ahmed, UK

Mr. Statham presumably draws a large salary as the head of the Food STANDARD Agency. Maybe he requires some education in the meaning of the word "standard" when it applies to the food the British public eat. Hiding behind the labelling argument did little to reinforce the belief that this Government agency are in control of the situation. Since BSE was revealed more people have turned to eating chicken and we are being conned. Congratulations on bringing this information to the people, let us now hope those in charge of overseeing the quality of food products react in a manner that improves what is on our shelves.
P Dean, England

I watched your programme with great interest. Since the sale of chicken meat "enriched" with water started I've had my doubts about the quality of this meat. The fact that beef and pork are found in chicken-breast I find appalling. The proof you have shown I find convincing enough to press for further investigation. I think that this too proves that the way we treat animals and animal products for consumption should be changed and further legislation and continuous testing is obviously needed. I find it more than insulting to be told that Halal meat contains pork. I would like to thank your reporters for their work; I hope that the adding of now apparently untraceable protein can be stopped.
J.C. Peet-Kruise, The Netherlands

Chicken Run Programme, Well done to all at the Panorama team. I could not believe what I was seeing in the film. Please forward a copy of the film to the Dutch government ASAP.
john Durant, England, isle of Wight.

I think I just lost my appetite. This was a brilliant documentary that highlighted the unwillingness of the government to take reasonable care of its people.
Emme Stone, England

Excellent programme. Highlighting once again how useless the Food Standards Agency are. I would have hoped that you would include the name of that legitimate UK farmer (company name) so I could search for his product in the supermarkets.
Neil, England

Betsan Powys got the wrong end of the stick as far as I am concerned. Whilst I agree it is unacceptable to put any foreign protein into food, my main problem is selling me a kilo of chicken which contains 400g of water - whatever is keeping the water in the chicken.
Eric Mair, UK

People don't know what¿s really in their foods, I¿m a vegetarian and don't miss meat one bit. I am perfectly healthy and know what I¿m eating!
Alex Partner, England

We discovered our local butcher who lists suppliers for all his meat, prepares chicken breasts in front of us, minces lamb from the shoulder joints, makes his own burgers, sausages, pork pies etc., our meat bill has increased by perhaps £5 or £10 per week, but it's worth it, taste, quality and importantly safety.
Amanda Burnie, UK

Very informative documentary - I think all viewers will think twice about the poultry products they are buying - I certainly will be!
Cara, Scotland

Fantastic and worrying program, but the government should be doing this type of investigation on our behalf, we pay them enough. We should not have to rely on the BBC.
Tony Carter, England

Thank you for your courageous exposure of the chicken industry. I've long had suspicions about the chicken in carry outs and the cheap end of the market. It's time the FSA got out of the pay of the food producers and stood up for the consumers and the health of the British people
j Rankin, Scotland

Thank you for providing us with an excellent and informative program. It takes good quality investigative journalism like this to bring these issue to the attention of the authorities. Keep up the good work.
Dave Boucher, UK

Excellent programme, i only have this to say.. I ain't ever eating chicken again. This only confirms what has been in the press recently about chickens and its good to have the facts available to the public. Thanks for your excellent investigation. I also think that the FSA needs to answer for there acts at your first meeting, they should have there own investigators checking this not you.
Stuart Alexander, Scotland

Nobody is liable to prosecution unless they have broken the law. Laws are designed to stop the sort of things described in your programme. Panorama has investigated the subject thoroughly and given a seemingly biased yet true analysis. I do not eat beef for the heath scare reasons, nor do I eat much chicken. However, I would like to know if this water-adding process applies to pork products. I like to know what I'm eating. In my view, the companies have done nothing wrong. However, I certainly do not condone their actions and would like the public to be more informed about these 'scams'.
Kevin, England

First - fantastic investigation. Well presented and well reported - thank you. Secondly - The FSA representative seems to be as clueless about current geopolitics as he is about meat production. He referred first to the 'European Community' and then the 'European Economic Community'. Neither exist. The EEC was replaced by the EC. Since November 1993, the correct term is 'European Union'.

After seeing such incompetence I am seriously considering becoming a herbivore!
Mark Beaumont, UK

It is unthinkable to me that i have so far eaten chicken with beef product in it. what is the point of having FSA in this country.
A S Bavan, UK

Superb documentary. Great, brave investigative journalism ; clearly and concisely presented. More reality than any so-called 'Reality-TV' programme.
Shak, UK

I believe this country should prosecute heavily these people caught on tape flaunting how they poison our chicken .
Nicolas Dimitri, United Kingdom

Sad to see that our food safety is in the hands of the robots from the FSA. How much evidence do they need? It said it all when their director of enforcement walked out when it got a little tough.
Dave Whyte, UK

As a scientist I find it highly disturbing that its use is being adulterated by faceless companies to prevent us from finding exactly what we are eating.
Milo Carpathian, England

Excellent programme!. Have given up eating chicken. keep up the good work.
Alan Andrews, UK

I thought the programme tonight raised very serious health concerns for the British consumer. Chicken is a very popular ingredient for many of us, especially children and we should demand the very highest standards. Betsan Powys's report showed us quite clearly that imported chicken imported from the Dutch is not of the highest quality in my view. To guarantee the best quality chicken we should, as consumers, buy only British chicken. We do not want a lot of additives being put into our chicken. The Food Standards Agency should be now looking into this trade with great urgency.
Steve Fuller, England

Having found by frozen chicken pieces to over-pumped in the past I only buy whole chickens. I feel particularly bad at the Halal chicken containing pork. I notice that the Muslim Council of Britain did similar tests in the past and found pork in many. Radio 4 covered this subject a few years ago and Trading Standards were fully aware of the problem of pumped chicken but could not act, similar to the impotent-looking FSA officer.
Nadeem Faruque, UK

Your 'Chicken Run' programme was, like most TV documentaries, absolutely ruined by banal background "music". How on earth can viewers follow otherwise interesting programs when so much unnecessary noise is in the background ? You should all join forces to cut this out!
John Morgan, England

I am really disappointed about hearing that chickens are being injected with pork. Considering that I'm a Muslim this is very wrong. I think the laws should be made more strict. As there is a great population of Muslims living in the UK. I think more Muslims should come forward and make their voice heard.
Sobia , England

Only long term prison sentences will deter the bosses from corrupt practices in these factory's.
Tim Whitehouse, England

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