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Thank you for your comments about Panorama: The Corruption of racing. We have published a selection of them below.

The Jockey club should be made up of "elected" members only. Until that is the case nothing will happen to improve racing's image. The good and great have no divine right to oversee the sport.
John, England

Panorama's investigation of racing was nothing more than drama. Had your presenter also said that Man Mood was a horse who suffered from recurrent respiritory problems, and had finished his previous race beaten by about thirty lengths, the impression given would have been quite different. It would also have shown that horses are not machines. However, that would have been balanced reporting.

I have no connection with the other D Elsworth's in the racing industry.
D Elsworth, England

Panorama was a disgrace, they proved nothing. We have the best jockeys, stall handlers and jockey club in the wide world of racing.
P Barron, England

Great show last night, at last the BBC have found someone to expose the scandal of the racing industry in an intelligent and well researched manner. I particularly liked the reporters penchant for pulling transcripts from his pocket as industry figures were accusing him of lying! Well done a tribute to months of hard work and license payers money well spent.
Ged, England

The excuse that the Jockey Club was powerless to act was wholly eliminated during the Panorama program. It was a valuable program that revealed weakness and corruption. Public trust has been abused by an effective unaccountable elite.
Stephen Leach, United Kingdom

Congratulations...A fantastic piece of Journalism. The research and general stubborness of the investigation was outstanding....Keep up the good work
Tim Ward, UK

Superb television. I doubt Panorama could have got a better result if they had written the lines for the racing establishment themselves. The typical spin doctors tactic of discrediting the key witness is now in full swing. Racing is totally discredited.
Alisdair, UK

The Jockey Club should be abolished. The average joe punter has lost all faith in horse racing, and race meetings should be boycotted till these issues are dealt with. Corruption in the sport is no big surprise, but the fact that the regulatory body consistently buries its head in the sand rather than risk tarnishing the sport is a disgrace.
Chris Wade, Netherlands

If the Jockey Club say they are powerless, what are they there for? Why not put them out to grass?
tony, england

All credit to Panorama for taking the gloves off and illustrating what a cesspit racing has become. Your journalist was what has become a rarity these days, a true journalist. He was abrasive, dogged, devious and showed great testicular fortitude in approaching and then grilling the establishment, the trainers, the jockeys and even the criminal establishment.

Today so much of journalism is deferential lapdog stuff that it was truly invigorating to see the feathers being ruffled.

Once again thank you for good television. In my opinion this is the type of programming we deserve. In lieu of our licensing fee and surrender of the public airwaves we deserve better than mindless soap operas, and programmes that appeal to the basest levels of "yobbosim."
G. Wang, UK

Last night's Panorama revealed nothing about the supposed corruption in horseracing. It was a programme based on fabrications and a sheer lack of evidence. Graham Bradley and Keiron Fallon are ambassadors of our sport and waving a microphone in front of their unsuspecting faces doesn't equate to their guilt. This programme may kid the general public, but fool the racing public it certainly didn't. Leave racing alone!!
Adam Moore, England

Buffham claims that he was reluctant to become a whistleblower and participate in the making of this programme. The fact that he had a whole number of sensitive papers in his possession several months after leaving the Jockey Club rather indicates the opposite and that perhaps he was looking for some opportunity to "get even" with his former employer.
Jeremy Wall, England

A fantastic programme! Absolutely brilliant! Investigative reporting at the highest level which exposed the racing establishment at the bunch of vagabonds that they are. This is the sort of programme which makes the payment of my licence fee well wothwhile.
Bob Lugg, Engalnd

It's ludicrous that some of your viewers have asked Willie Carson to be sacked by the BBC. All he was doing was backing up a fellow jockey without knowing what was really going on.

Willie Carson represents the instincts and morality of the majority of jockeys: honest, dedicated and loyal to his sport and fellow jockeys.

The problem of corruption is not "bent" jockeys who are in the minority but corrupt businessmen who, through either ownership or other means try and make a fast buck.

Corruption exists in racing but I believe it's not widespread and could be stamped out with police cooperation and intervention.
Kevin Price, England

BBC TV producers seem to be the only people in the country who think it's news that racing is ''dodgy'' in places.

The general public have been cynical about the sport for years, while those who are attracted to it are partly done so by its shady Runyonesque charm. Some of the details were new, but the message was old.

What is Panorama going to come up with next? An expose into how eating too much makes you overweight?
Ian Davies, UK

After watching tonights programme and seeing Willie Carson's part, I strongly feel that he should be removed immediately from anything to do with racing on the BBC
David Dawson, England

I seem to remember that just after his retirement, Steve Smith-Eccles made some allegations about betting links within the weighing room - I can't remember these ever being mentioned again, never mind followed up; however I suspect that this is what he was referring to. Maybe he's the next stop for some more information?
Michelle Wileman, UK

It is inconceivable that you (the BBC) should continue to employ W Carson as a regular racing correspondent in the light of his 'Panorama' comments.
Jim, England

The 'Director' of the Jockey Club has clearly been exposed so long to corruption that he does recognise it when he see it. He should be removed, if he will not resign. I for one will never bet again. Shoddy sir, very shoddy indeed.
William Kavanagh, UK

That was an absolute brilliant programme; investigative reporting at its best. The sight of a former SAS officer suddenly remembering why he had said the Jockey Club had no backbone needed no comment. Congratulations to all concerned.
Stuart Bell, UK

how can the jockey club be left to run racing in this country? they and the jockeys should resign on mass
Scott Rattray, U.K.

Brilliant , brilliant , brilliant. That was the best programme of investigation I have seen for a very long time. I tuned into the programme by mistake and boy I was extremely glad I did. The reporting , preparation and execution of the programme was superb. Almost worth the licence fee for this year alone!!
Neil France, UK

Congratulations to BBC. The Sport of Racing is obviously in a disgraceful state. My thanks for this exposure.I shall never bet again or attend another race meeting
R.J.Jesson, England

A thoroughly absorbing and courageous programme dealing with corruption within racing. I have enjoyed the sport for twelve years. My enjoyment ended tonight. I will never attend another Race Meeting and never place another bet !!
Lyndon Brown, England

Why did you not tell us why Buffham was fired by the jockey Club? This would have enabled us to get a better idea of his credibility,since he obviously has an axe to grind.
J .Burnett, England

Very informative, and not a surprise. Very constructive, however it seemed clear to me that the director of the club, which you focused on, ought to be asked to resign for not having the "back bone" to to deal with the issues he clearly knew about.

The New security director really let himself down by not admiting to his comments. Surely if you were going on such an important mission to discover what was being said about your club, YOU WOULD REMEMBER GOING INSTANTLY or do we need to question the ability to retain and act upon important instructions!

A shame considering his recent action in training yards. Drug Testing of Jockeys also now seems necessary.
Vidette Humphries, Scotland

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