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Panorama Sunday, 16 September, 2001, 20:14 GMT 21:14 UK
Your comments on The World's Most Wanted
Your Comments on The World's Most Wanted

While I fully understand the pain the US people suffer at this moment, I hope and pray that their anger will not take over and force them to take hasty action. One wrong (terrorist attack on WTC) cannot be undone by another (destroying what is left from Afghanistan). These people have suffered a lot. Let us not add to that.

I was shocked and outraged to see Muslims in this country supporting Bin Laden and saying that it was right to bomb the U.S. I think that we are too soft in this country. We tolerate all faiths in our country yet Christians are arrested, tortured and killed in Muslim countries. I think it is ironic of these Muslims (the ones supporting Bin Laden in the U.K.) to say that the West is evil and yet live here. I work with many cultures and know that not all Muslims share the ideology of Bin Laden. I think he is a disgrace to God or 'Allah'. Can we all not live at peace and agree to disagree on certain things?

If successful in a possible operation in Afghanistan, wouldn't US forces actually be turning Osama Bin Laden into a martyr to other fundamentalist-Islamic-terrorists? Also, is it conceivable that Osama Bin Laden might evade Afghanistan, if an eventual military force endangers his current position? Wouldn't he (and perhaps his organisation) find sanctuary elsewhere?
Thomas Gregory
São Paulo, Brazil

The programme on bin laden was a complete waste of time. Normally I watch Panorama and this week it just showed everyone that the Muslims were a bad bunch of people. You never showed when America oppressed the Afghans or the Palestinians. All the news is also very biased, this comes to show that even without evidence we can blame somebody and even get away with his/her death.
Imran Khan

The truth is Osama Bin Laden needs to be taken out

Stacey, USA
I know my government is not perfect and many people believe that US policies have directly inflamed Osama Bin Laden but, in reality, the UK has caused more harm to Osama by backing insurgent Taleban forces in Afghanistan than the US ever has. Wake up UK, because I think that you're on Osama's short list too. I know that folks in the UK think that we are superficial, ye-haw cowboys over here, but the truth is we get up to speed pretty fast. Yes, bombing Afghanistan will cause more anti-American sentiment. We know that or else we would have started dropping bombs already. The truth is Osama Bin Laden needs to be taken out. We need to understand and numb his command structure. This guy is like Hitler - the longer you wait and hope that he'll just go away - the worse it gets. You don't need to understand Islam to understand how a megalomaniac works. So many times, the US turned away from taking action against him because we just hoped he'd go away. How I wish we'd gone after him in '93 and '96.

I'm sympathetic about the WTC tragedy but the terrorists are dead already. I don't understand why USA want to attack Afghanistan, Iran or Iraq, meanwhile the terrorists are Arabian. Can you prove that Osama is guilty? Please don't make a fool judgement, USA!
John Baker

1.What would be the world's reaction if Bin Laden agrees to apologise to the world? 2.Will he be given a fair trial if he surrenders and what kind of trial? 3.Will he be given death sentence or life imprisonment? 4.If he is put in the prison of USA it is going to increase the tension for USA since it is impossible to kill the spirit that is already in thousands of people who support his ways and will be ready to give their lives for him?
Justin Benjamin
Baku, Azerbijan

I felt that the programme was an utter waste of public money and Panorama talent. Where was the background on Bin Laden? Why the continual re-running of the footage of the planes crashing into the towers. We have seen enough of this already, I wanted to know about Bin Laden, his motivation, his people etc. If you had no other information than what has already been previously said then you really ought to have this particular episode re-titled How the Twin Towers were bombed ... again. Come on BBC lets have something that is really a thought provoking show on Bin Laden and other such fundamentalist groups!!!

As an American, I have no doubt that this terrible terrorist attack came upon us because of our bias in the Middle East. Over the past eleven months or so we have seen our American made F16 fighter jets firing missiles into Palestinians homes killing innocent mothers and children, while our leadership here in America has done absolutely nothing to stop this. Instead we put pressure on Arafat to stop the violence. Now that we have suffered this horrible attack, our leaders here in America are starting to pressure the Israelis to stop the killings and to hold peace talks. Therefore the terrorist have learned two things. They have learned that they cannot kill America and what it stands for but they also learned what it takes to make America put pressure on Israel. I love my country and I am confident that we will rid the world of terrorism but we have to start with our bias in the Middle East and go from there. My heart goes out to the relatives and the victims of this awful act. I have never felt more proud to be an American.

Let's hope and pray that as humans, we can rid this scourge forever

Carrum, Edinburgh
When a body develops a cancer then a surgeon operates to cut the cancer out. If the rest of the immune system fails to fight the disease, the body dies. No matter which religion, creed or country we all come from, we now have to be that system. The one that strikes down the cancer, which afflicts all of our societies, all of our world. Let's hope and pray that as humans, we can rid this scourge forever, regardless of whatever country or religious path, they, the murderers choose to follow in blind hatred and faith. Each and every one of us crave peace or bloodshed. I crave peace, not only for my children and their children but for humanity. Weep not for the innocents who the terrorists hide behind, because they in their death shall be the anointed and be the ones to condemn the evil murderers to hell and purgatory.

If Mr Bin Laden is innocent then why is he not coming forward?!!! Mahatma Ghandi came forward and defeated empires armed only with a walking stick! So who has the greater faith!!!!!

Re: T. Simpson: You write:- "England is for the English...if only Nationalities kept to their own Countries"... and then:- "Why on earth cannot we live in peace. Life is too short for a conflict". Well the letters like yours ignite exactly that - a conflict. I wonder what would you do for example to the mixed families? Tear them apart? I am Russian who has been happily married to an Englishman for 15 years. We have a teenage daughter who was born and raised in this country. Would you send her back? Exactly where to? Thousands of British people go and live in Spain when retire. Thousands emigrate to Australia every year. Would you keep them all in by force? The world has changed and become a very small place and therefore tolerance and respect for other cultures and religions are required to avoid the terrible events like the one which has just happened in America.
Ira Brown

I feel that the media is out to attack Islam from any angle which it likes. I am a Muslim and I am sometimes asked about Islam by my friends and I'm sometimes shocked and outraged by their comments which are being fed into their minds by the media. Islam is a religion of peace and it is the fastest growing religion so it can't be bad can it? I think that what happened at the world trade centre was wrong but why does this always lead back to Muslims. You claim to have found a passport in the rubble, this is a ridiculous remark, how can you find a passport in all the rubble and the passport also survived a fire!! This makes me laugh and just shows that the average person will accept anything the media says. When the Oklahoma bombing happened a Muslim man was arrested and it turned out to be an American. Why does Muslims have to take the punishment for everything that happens to the western world?
High Wycombe

I would like to explain to Sed from London that people believe what they choose to, not necessarily what may be true. The quran is a written book, words which can be interpreted as the reader wishes to, so although Bin Laden may find a quote, how he interprets it is his prerogative. I would also like to say that views held by one may not be held by another, and accordingly I would like to say do not tar us all with the same brush. p.s. The words "attack on the civilised world" were used by none other than Mr. George W. Bush, thus suggesting that Muslims are the third class citizens.

I feel really sorry about the victims of any destruction occurred in the whole world, and to recently what has happened to Americans. But one thing is common in all of these destructions, victims are mainly innocent people, whether poor or rich. Those who are behind these destructions, either individual or country as a whole, won't have any impact on these individuals or country as a whole. They will continue towards the next theme to do. Anyway, I think, right at the moment, No Religion has done so far that much good rather than making slaves of the beliefs. With Religion , I feel everyone has to love each other, try to understand others who are making mistakes in life unawaringly, make-up mind to pardon the sins.
Abu Dhabi, UAE

Sadique, your grasp of reason and logic is typical of the fanaticism that plagues the public image of Islam. You state that I misunderstand Islam and the Qu'ran, but to imply that these attacks were not carried out by terrorists with a direct connection to Islamic fundamentalism is frankly naive. To say that I am taking my anger out on Muslims is again to deliberately distort what was written. My comments were directed at those who wrongly choose to interpret the teachings in the Qu'ran. There is no passage that permits the killing of others. If you believe that there is then I suggest you review your text and direct us all to it. I made no statement that all Muslims agree with terrorists. My comment was clearly that there is little or no freedom to speak or act in some of the Islamic states and this is a reflection on there leaders inability to make a reasoned intellectual argument for the fundamentalist approach to the way they run their country. As a British citizen I recognise that many religions can provide a source for terrorism. It is repression, intolerance and ignorance that fuels terrorism. I did not attack Islam, in fact I supported the religion by stating that there is no basis for violence in the Qu'ran. Islam promotes the pursuit of knowledge and peace. Whilst an attack on a specific religion is wrong, no call to violence is justified. The act of martyrdom does not include a third party. If you read your texts you will find that martyrdom is where an individual gives their life rather than deny their faith. It does not involve any third party. The taking of any other life for religious purposes is not martyrdom but murder. My anger is at fanaticism, ignorance and intolerance not Muslims and their faith. Finally you need to ask yourself how much you know about Islam before you comment on it.

My heartfelt sympathies go out to all those who are grieving their lost ones

Tallatbhatti, London
In response to Sed's question, can I just say that verses can always be taken out of context. I along with my family and all my Muslim friends completely condemn and are horrified at the events of last Tuesday. My heartfelt sympathies go out to all those who are grieving their lost ones. In Islam we are taught that no one colour is better than another and also that we should look after our neighbour before ourselves, be he Muslim, Christian, Jew or any other denomination. Therefore non Muslims are in no way considered as third class or to be treated as such. I found Panorama biased in its broadcast, editing certain footage to the extent that it misrepresented views.

The live forum was the most atrocious pro Islamic broadcast I have ever had the misfortune to see. Where was the representative for the United States to propose their views?
Daniel Shane

The programme was biased and used terminology which I found was incorrect and disturbing. Mention was made of the suspect hijackers as being "devout Muslims" and yet they proceeded to enter a bar to have some alcohol. I wish to inform you that a devout Muslim would certainly not carry out the atrocity in New York last week, as the killing of a human being is prohibited in Islam. Muslim clerics across the Arab world have condemned this horrific act. Secondly, a devout Muslim would never approach a bar, let alone enter it and proceed to drink alcohol. These suspects, thus, cannot be referred to as devout Muslims. When Timothy McVeigh was arrested for the terrorist act committed, no one made mention of his religion. The IRA are never referred to as Catholic fundamentalist so why is this terminology (Muslim extremist or Islamic fundamentalist)being in constant use by the BBC? The result of such racist coverage is abuse against Muslims living here in Britain, the majority being honest law abiding citizens. The Muslim world has made it clear that it condemns this horrific act and is giving the USA the support it needs to eradicate all forms of terrorism. British Muslims have also made it clear as we saw on news coverage. I feel insulted by the association of the words "devout Muslim" being connected with this horrific act in New York. I would like an apology, please.

It seems to me that a lot of people are forgetting that the attack on the twin towers of the World Trade Centre, the attack on the Pentagon, and the downing of flight 93 in Pennsylvania, were not the first terrorist activities that al-Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden have been connected to. Putting aside the fact that whatever concrete evidence the US Justice Department does have connecting Osama Bin Laden to the attacks has probably not been released to the media and the general public for obvious reasons in investigation. They already have established evidence connecting Bin Laden's terrorist network with the attacks on the USS Cole and the embassy bombings in Africa. Why exactly do those of you who defend Osama Bin Laden's innocence require evidence to support Bin Laden's role in the attacks inside the US, when there is already established evidence connecting him to other terrorist activities, from which he has received several warrants for his arrest along with his placement on the FBI's most wanted list? For his roles in those other acts of terrorism, the US already has established enough evidence to prosecute Bin Laden. It is ignorance and anti-American sentiment that seems to fuel people who defend Bin Laden's innocence in the attacks on America, they seem to gloss over his prior bad acts.
Austin, Texas, USA

Osama Bin Laden is highly unlikely to give himself up to the Western world in order to face justice and most likely the death sentence. Like Hitler, Osama Bin Laden would rather commit suicide than face extradition to the part of the world he most despises. His body at his own request would probably be buried in a secret location. If this were the case, how would America and its allies be assured that Osama Bin Laden is dead? Furthermore, like Saddam Hussein during the Gulf war who allegedly had look a likes to impersonate him in the event of an assassination attempt, how would America be assured that if Osama Bin Laden is extradited that it would actually be him?
Narinder Singh Mudhar
Ilford, Essex

I would like to ask Sadique from Essex, if Islam does not support violence against non Muslims, then where does Bin Laden get all of these Quoranic verses from to back his movement? Maybe the Muslim world needs to clarify to us how far would Islam considers the rights of non Muslims. I have a feeling that this action is not condemned by Muslims because they consider non Muslims as third class citizens. I think we in the West should start and be alert to this.

I am Muslim and I feel everyone is judging me for something millions of Muslim had no part to play

SIJ, Reading
It is sad to see all those innocent people dead, but let's not forget all those who died in Iraq and bombing carried out in Sudan. What has this achieved, USA and the West is more hated by the Arabs and loved by their own people. Panorama did no justice to telling the truth in last night's programme. I am Muslim and I feel everyone is judging me for something millions of Muslim had no part to play. We don't need terrorists in this world that kill innocent people nor do we need nations who kill innocent people (Israel for example). Bombing will solve nothing it will only make them more determined. Our prayers and thoughts go out to victims and families. Once again BBC, be fair in your reporting, not just in last night's programme but Middle East as region as whole.

This was a poor programme, it looked as though it was thrown together in a rush from left over footage.
John O'Byrne

I agree with Mike from Bucks on how to fight against terrorism by fighting poverty, greed etc. However, he seemed to have misunderstood Islam and the Qu'ran and reasonably so being a non-believer. How does Mike know that the terrorists are Muslims and all Muslims agree with the terrorists or is he just taking his anger out at Muslims? If you are implying that Islam is the source of terrorism, then you are attacking Islam and this gives Muslims the right to be martyrs. Anyway, terrorists cannot be regarded as Muslims. Islam means "peace" and Allah will punish those for killing innocent people. Mike, you need to ask yourself how much you know about Islam before you attack our religion.

I wish there was a non violent way we could resolve this war

Megan, Cali
I think that its really tragic what is happening. I don't blame all the people in Afghanistan for what's happening. I wish there was a non violent way we could resolve this war. It scares me to death and I don't want anymore innocent people to die. I don't think it would resolve anything if we went to Afghanistan to bomb. We would be stooping to the level of the people that bombed us.

Under the NATO agreement the Americans are saying 'to attack one country is to attack all'. Can we now assume that they will bring to book anyone in America who raises funds for the I.R.A.?
Mike Scott

I think that what happened is a tragedy. I don't think that we should go to war, that'll just make us lose more people and that is what I thought we were avoiding. My hearts go out to all the people that died so let's not lose more.
Jon Bouret
Redwood City, USA

I too thought that your programme last night was deeply flawed. Not only did the whole structure of the programme - cuts between bin Laden's own history and Tuesday's events - demonstrate a deep bias in favour of US political opinion which insists on condemning him for the events before any concrete evidence is established, but some of the set pieces in which you presented video footage of bin Laden speaking on a television lying in rubble, were deeply sick. Since bin Laden is the 'prime suspect', a balanced and thorough documentary would have been a valuable contribution to the remarkably one-sided debate as it stands today. But your programme offered nothing more than mere sound bites and the basic information offered by news reports. I was shocked and disappointed.
Mat Dimmock

I truly condemn what happened on Tuesday, as a Muslim and as a human

Shahid Siddiqi, Coventry
I am a Muslim, a professional engineer, a husband and above all, a human. What happened on Tuesday has saddened me thoroughly. It was Islamically wrong. Islam teaches one to respect life because it is a gift from God and taking it is the most serious of religious crimes. I am also upset how the media is nurturing an opinion amongst the public to look upon Islam as the cause. This will destroy what I believe the West has come to be; a place where cultures, religions, creed and colour can mix, successfully. This characteristic of the West is not something which can be found, once lost.

I truly condemn what happened on Tuesday, as a Muslim and as a human. BUT, war is not the answer and never has been. The US is hated in the Middle East because of its policies, but war will replace this hatred with something a lot more dangerous and a lot more devastating.

If the world comes together and forges an alliance and then tackles terrorism, you will have a much stronger chance of bringing to account people like those responsible for the American tragedy.

I beg the US, and the rest of the world ...war will lead to a loss far greater than that suffered on Tuesday.
Shahid Siddiqi

I feel great sorrow and mourn for what happened to the American people that died and for those who have lost a loved one. I would just like to make clear the point that Arabs that have been cheering on TV are not cheering for the death of American citizens, or the innocent people, but the fact that the U.S. is now feeling what the Palestinians and Arabs have been feeling for the past 40 years as a result of the US supplying Israel support and weapons to murder Arabs. What happened was unacceptable for any circumstances and may God help all the people that have been hurt by this tragedy.
Firas Ghosn

I think that Bin Laden did not do this and America did it themselves and then they had three minutes silence for the American people. What about all the people who died in Afghanistan? No-one even cared.

I think the media need to highlight the differences between Sikhs and the Muslim fundamentalists because there is an assumption that they are the same.

As a result of this assumption, a lot of Sikhs in the States are being attacked as they are regarded as part of the Taleban. However, Sikhs have opposed the fundamentalist activities of Muslims before the 1600s and as a result Sikhs are also regarded as the enemies of Muslims.

I deeply sympathise with the families that have lost their loved ones, but I do not think that it is right that other innocent lives should be shed because of lack of knowledge. Could you please try and get the media to highlight the difference.
Jasbir Khalsa

I felt the Panorama programme last night was a terrible piece of journalism, mixing the emotional stories of survivors with politics in the Sudan to (even more) footage of the terrible events in New York. It does not constitute an investigation or an objective news piece. Please do not drop your usually high standards just because the rest of the world's media appears to have done so.

Which countries alleged to harbour these groups allow freedom of speech as offered to people of all religions in the west? Although some of the suspects seem to originate from bases in Europe, they have done so because their own countries can not offer such freedom to organise and communicate. The Muslim world should look at its own ways before accusing the west of 'bringing this upon themselves'.

The only way to defeat 'terrorism' is to stamp out poverty, ignorance and greed

Mike, Bucks
My second point relates to the religion of Islam. What justification does any follower of Islam have to kill? Can anyone state clearly where in the Koran that killing is considered as a method of entry to paradise? Any religion that requires its followers to kill is barbaric and should be expunged from any civilised society. Finally, the 'war' against terrorism is futile, without a fundamental shift in public attitudes. Whilst the planet is obsessed with material wealth and its peoples need to feel that they are in some way better than others, there will always be those who feel the need to strike out. The only way to defeat 'terrorism' is to stamp out poverty, ignorance and greed. I suspect that this may take generations.

I personally thought the programme was one-sided, like the majority in the media. The recent attacks have been devastating but without any ground evidence how can they point the finger at Osama Bin Laden?

He has denied playing a part in the construction of the attacks, but I'm sure they are just doing this because the want him so badly. I believe whoever carried out these attacks may have personal motives against the US.

I think Bin Laden and his collaborators should not live in this modern peaceful world. I hope America and Europe should use the situation to fight Islam because, good Muslims will not support what has happen in the US on Tuesday 11th September 2001. I will not call Bin Laden a Muslim.
Baboucarr M.S.Jobarteh
The Gambia

I felt heart-broken at the scenes we have witnessed. But to attack the buildings was a sign of showing that we as Muslims in the Third World are people too and just like you we have feelings, emotions, and know how it feels to witness the death of love ones. Despite saying this, killing innocent people is totally against the religion of Islam.
Ali Saddique

Declaring war on the terrorists is one thing, but declaring war on any person/country that is not willing to help and is seen as coercing with them - and I refer now to Pakistan is another. Surely if they put Pakistan in the position where they are seen to be siding with the US there will be long term repercussions for the people of Pakistan. The US government say that Pakistan fully support their military activities, but they have absolutely no choice. The US have said that anyone opposing them will be seen as the enemy. Now we have Mr. Blair joining the bandwagon and as usual, we can expect to see our troops in danger on the front line. My father is in the forces and I personally would not like to see him, or any other British serviceman go into a war that will cost lives on all sides.
Claire Smedley, Southampton

Revenge against the people who plotted the attack but not to the innocents who live in these countries

Amanda, London
I want to know when people will ask the question why is there such hatred against the USA that men are willing to lose their lives to kill civilian Americans. Surely this attack is only the beginning of many more unless the world gets more involved in middle eastern affairs, especially with the plight of the Palestinians and the Afganistanis rather than revenge attacks on already suffering countries. Revenge against the people who plotted the attack but not to the innocents who live in these countries. It seems that isolationist policies do not work. Let's try well planned involvement.

Fundamentalist Islamism is an extremely dangerous idea just like Fascism or Nazism. It should be destroyed in the bud, and rooted out from the Muslim societies, by using force if necessary. Its first victims are the societies where it was allowed to grow like in Afghanistan, a country they took back to the dark ages. To our horror, we saw how far it can go this week in NY. It feeds from the perception that the west is at the origin of all Muslims problems: the perceived bias towards Israel, the support of the corrupt governments, the sequels of the colonisation are all exploited together with a fervent religious propaganda to recruit among the deprived and frustrated.
Reda Amin

There is always the term Muslim or Islamic terrorists or militants used by the media. Why not Jewish terrorists or Christian terrorist when the Lebanon or Yugoslav are commented about?

The western media has a clear animosity against Islam and however sad the news about America may be a lot of Muslims will not be upset. Countries which are Muslim have all the rights to defend and protect themselves against any terrorism from the west including Iraq.

Islamic countries have their own ways of life - try to be friends not the masters and we all can live in peace

Imran, Oxford
The Americans or the west has never done any favours to Muslims and all the aid or war efforts which were made in Iraq or other countries were for political or financial gain for the west.

Afghanistan was the cause of USSR break-up and if the west will go with its ground troops it will finish the west as well.

Afghanistan is the most hostile terrain for outsiders as the British tried in 1800's. It is time to look at the stakes and stop being big headed. Islamic countries have their own ways of life - try to be friends not the masters and we all can live in peace.

Like everyone else on this page, I am completed shocked by the events of last week. As the events unfolded I looked to the BBC for a complete report of the incidents but unfortunately this appears to be another propaganda broadcast. My original view that Panorama displayed 'both sides of the story' is completely shattered. In a programme supposedly about Bin Laden's background there was no mention about his motives or his involvement with the CIA in the Afghan/Soviet conflict where he was described as a 'Freedom Fighter'. I find it laughable that in one interview Bin Laden is described as someone that has minimal electronic links with the outside world, and in the next he has supposedly received un-secure confirmation that the attacks were a success. Judging by the FBI arrests so far it sounds like most of the terrorists were based in Europe. What can America possibly achieve other than more loss of innocent life in its proposed attacks on Afghanistan, other than creating more anti-American feeling? Is it not possible that these terrorists could have had family killed in American attacks on Libya, Lebanon, and Iraq etc?
Alan Buttler

May I congratulate Panorama in uncovering the evidence that unequivocally finds bin laden the culprit... will they now be passing the evidence to the CIA or FBI as it appears they need all the help that they can to fit the crime to the criminal.

I was expecting much more out of tonight's programme. We did not learn more about this prime suspect. It was mentioned that he was coming from a wealthy family, where does this money come from? Who or which country sells arms & weapons? Some comments should have been developed further: he helped the CIA during the war in Afghanistan... The American Intelligence obviously had information about his plans, WHY nothing has been done to prevent this horror? Maybe it is too early to provide answers but I look forward to getting them.

Religion is a powerful and dangerous weapon when it is abused

Nicholas Britton, Merthyr Tydfil
The mentality of Osama Bin Laden and his followers reminds me of the Christian crusades in mediaeval times, when almost any atrocity could be justified by saying it is 'God's will'. Religion is a powerful and dangerous weapon when it is abused. In the wrong hands it becomes an instrument to brainwash and manipulate, usually for selfish or corrupt purposes. I am not a Muslim, but I doubt there is any justification in Islam for unprovoked attacks on innocent people.
Nicholas Britton
Merthyr Tydfil, Wales

It is upsetting to see the BBC's reaction to this catastrophe abandoning even the most basic elements of critical analysis. Does bin laden have the logistic capacity to orchestrate a global terrorist network? Why has the US intelligence not been able to locate then freeze his assets? Does the USA need an enemy such as bin laden to maintain the US military spending and global intervention as it did in the cold war? These are all sound questions which I expect the BBC to ask. I feel I've learned nothing new after an hours documentary.
Sophie Tommy

There is no justification for the events of the past week. However, many people have unnecessarily complicated the issue further by confusing the Muslim faith as a whole with terrorism. Is this not implying that 1.5bn of the world's population has terrorist intentions? Such illiteracy can only compound the problem. There is also a clear distinction between being a "suspect" (prime or otherwise) and being "guilty". Every human being is INNOCENT until "proven" guilty. Where is the proof, the conclusive evidence that makes Osama bin Laden a suspect? A whole nation of innocent civilians cannot be victimised based on "potential" leads and "possible" clues. If there is indeed concrete evidence, then, YES, suspects should be "smoked out of their holes".
Ayahs Hussein
London, UK

Appalling, this has affected my business very badly. But this issue cannot go unavenged - the World must act to destroy what must be a handful of terrorists compared with world population. Not easy but we must unite and if Muslims in the UK want to isolate themselves and threaten aggression then they must be extradited back to where they came from - England is for the English. The world is sick, if only Nationalities kept to their own Countries then perhaps we would not have the dangerous situation of today. Too many people are soft, the Australians probably set the best example of toughness - they do not bow to political pressure and are better for it. To watch the events of last Tuesday unfold before my eyes was sickening, when you think of how much worse can things get, but they will and every effort must be made to try and prevent this. I urge the world of any decent thought of human right to focus very hard on the events that may follow in the coming weeks - why on earth cannot you live in peace, life is too short for conflict, why o why cannot anybody see that?

Osama Bin Laden's known views are enough reason to warrant a concerted attack on him and is friends. These people clearly constitute a threat to humanity. Until their eradication is complete we (people of the world) should not begin to question the rationality of our action(s).
Jolomi Neburagho

The programme although well presented did not actually shed any new light on anything that we did not already know. Osama Bin Laden was backed by American intelligence when he fought against Russia. He was given weapons as well as training. As I understand some of his group was trained in Scotland. He has a lot of business in the western countries and I believe he has a lot of Stocks & Shares in Western companies. The programme only painted the image of a typical jihadi extremist & not the elusive business man he his. The programme also hardly mentioned how much America trained & supported him and his followers. That's probably why he knows so much about evading American security systems. Osama Bin Laden in my opinion like Saddam Hussein is another Frankenstein monster created by America & then abandoned by them so he can create havoc in the world.

We all need to be very careful not to associate this series of attacks with the vast majority of Muslims

Daniel, Notts
The events of last Tuesday were horrifying to say the least. We all need to be very careful not to associate this series of attacks with the vast majority of Muslims. Those who we find to have performed this terrible act whether it be Bin Laden or another group should be publicly executed so the whole world can see and realise that this kind of evil behaviour is not acceptable and will not be tolerated by any nation which believes in freedom and humanity.

I thought your documentary tonight was very courageous in showing reasons why bin Laden (if he is responsible) feels there is a score to be settled against the USA. Thank you for trying to trace a problem back to its roots.
Winston Smith

Obviously there can be no condoning these attacks on the United States, however, with all the talk of retribution and declarations of war, there has been very little discussion on why these attacks occurred. What would motivate a human being to give his life for the sake of a cause. To attempt to rid the world of terrorism through military action would not only be an exercise in futility it would also be missing the point of Tuesday's attacks. Only when the United States addresses the question of why this had to happen and only when the United States redresses it's affairs throughout the Middle East will the threat of terrorism diminish. It would be very naive and irresponsible to dismiss the perpetrators responsible for these attacks as crazy fanatics, if the United States does not address the issue of why these attacks occurred then the thousands of lives lost in New York and Washington will have been in vain.
Richard Stevenson

I'd like to personally thank the BBC for being partially responsible for creating ANTI-Muslim feelings. This kind of broadcasting we can do without!
Sajid Khan
London, UK

I have become increasingly disgusted about the coverage of this horrible event

Ian Smith, Southampton
Some of the imagery used in the programme was unnecessary and tactless. Images of Osama Bin Laden on a flickering television and photographs of the suspected pilots set against a backdrop of a smoking, demolished building showed how programme makers such as yourselves are unaware of imagery and its affect upon the viewer. This is a very sensitive issue and should be treated sensitively. I have become increasingly disgusted about the coverage of this horrible event. Many innocent peoples lives have been lost and all journalists see is 'The Story'. When I see a man covered in blood with shredded clothes I don't ask him if he can talk to the camera, I help him. The coverage underlines an example of our own inhumanity. The victims don't have to be filmed grieving. Their plight is clear enough without it being thrust down our throats until we become so numb with the pictures that we forget that this is real. For the first time we have footage of hundreds of people dying, is it necessary to show it all the time. I would also add that I thought the Mayor of New York Rudolph Giuliani showed his true colours during this disaster, as did many other unsung heroes, but I feel George Bush has shown his too. To make such a war cry speech on what is basically a mass grave seemed unbelievable. My heart goes out to all people who have suffered in this tragedy.
Ian Smith

We were infuriated by your programme tonight which seemed to be edited. Most of the programme seemed to show the same visual images that we have seen time after time over the last five days, we are sick of them. We watched the programme in the hope that we would learn much more about the history of Bin Laden no information barred, maybe this was a naive hope. But I do not see how the world is going to survive much longer on half truths. Surely we should be told the whole truth. Particularly the fact that he Bin Laden was trained and used by the CIA to fight Communism. The super powers of the world cannot go on using people then covering up the truth, we are all getting fed up to the teeth with it. Please do a proper job and accept that we are intelligent folk who can make our minds up for ourselves. The so called super powers have to realise that there cannot be one rule for them and another for the rest. What happened in New York has caused every body here to be very sad and unhappy and to grieve, but I have to say your programme has made it worse for it's lack of the whole picture.
David Lawrie

The horrific scene witnessed at WTC has prompt the western media to pinpoint the Talebans. They are already erected themselves as judge and jury denying the basic principal that you are innocent unless proven guilty by a court of law. This is the same attitude that alienates their readers. We must address the root of problem. Why are the Americans and western governments aiding oppressing regimes throughout the world? Please do not have selective memory but see the wider picture. The real culprit jeopardising the life of millions of people across the world is imperialism.

USA must be careful not to alienate Muslims, after all, all religions have their fanatics. America must gain the moral high ground. If Bush is sincere to fight terrorism world wide then it would be prudent to bring to justice non Muslim terrorists first. Once having established this correct political objective, then bring Bin Laden to justice by what ever means.
David Farmer

We must look to understand what triggers people like Bin Laden or whoever was behind this atrocity and try to put matters right

Terry Peach, Chester
The atrocity in New York was awful. No one should have died in that manner. My prayers go out to the victims and their relatives. We must however look for justice and not revenge. No more innocent people must die. We must look to understand what triggers people like Bin Laden or whoever was behind this atrocity and try to put matters right. Indiscriminate retribution must be avoided. The UK has not bombed N Ireland for IRA outrages and now we must not allow our allies to indiscriminately kill innocent people who may live in countries where terrorists have trained. I understand that they learned to fly in Florida!
Terry Peach

Thank you for reminding us that America bombed Iraq. Small wonder that it gets bombed in return. What goes around comes around, cast your bread on the waters and it will return to you, et al. To bomb the WTC is unjust, but to carpet bomb innocent Iraqis will be seen by others as unjust too. The answer to violence is to turn the other cheek and not to retaliate: that attitude is the only one which will end violence. If the USA now bombs Afghanistan, it will face years of retaliation in due course. Inevitably.
John Mawdson

I can only describe tonight's Panorama as provocative, one-sided and unfair. The images of Islam, Osama Bin Laden and the catastrophe in New York were presented together to impart a very prejudiced image of Islam and millions of Muslims living in the world. Does BBC not feel any responsibility towards the ethical use of media? We are already hearing about attacks and harassment on Muslims in Britain. Such powerful images can only cause more divide in the already divided society. The thing that upsets me most is that all those events were completely missing from the report which reflect unfairness on the part of American policies such as bombing of the Pharmaceutical factory in Sudan and the American support to Osaka Bin Laden in his years of "terrorism" against Russia. I can only hope that that BBC would be more fair and comprehensive in its reporting in future.
Dr Sidiqqi
Leeds, UK

In times like these, where emotions run high, it is too easy to point the finger of blame at a vulnerable target. I watched the events of Tuesday 11th September unfold before my very eyes and no less than 3 minutes after the second plane hit the WTC towers, I heard various news broadcasters suggesting that the responsibility lay with Arab terrorists. Within an half an hour, Osama Bin Laden's name was frequently talked about as a possible suspect and this was before the towers had even collapsed. As far as I'm concerned, nobody knows for sure who carried out these atrocities - Panorama have in my eyes always been the first to truly question emerging 'facts' on various subject matters but on this occasion I'm not so sure.

The innocent bewildered face of the small boy sitting on the cart at the Pakistan Border has finally broken my heart. An innocent life for an innocent life is not the way forward. Congratulations Jane Corbin and all the BBC team on an excellent programme.

If this situation is not dealt with properly it will end in greater tragedy then anyone can imagine

Tasneem Khan, London
I would like to know what the US feels they will achieve by going into Afghanistan and bombing the already poor country. As Dr Fagin said on the programme most of the terrorists are not there in which case the US is no better then the terrorist by killing more innocent people who are already suffering!! I would have thought now more then ever the American people would understand the suffering from the loss of life!! If they feel it is Osaka Bin Laden they should concentrate on catching him and bringing him on trial rather then more human suffering. If this situation is not dealt with properly it will end in greater tragedy then anyone can imagine!
Tasneem Khan

It would have been helpful if the causes of hatred of the US were explored.
S. Wales

Panorama didn't mention the bombing of the factory in Sudan - originally linked to bin Laden. If the Americans make a mistake again they risk unravelling the current coalition against terrorism. What about the bombs in Tashkent and current incursion into Surkhandarya - are they bin Laden supported? The focus has been on the problems Pakistan may have - what about the successful multiracial society in Uzbekistan?
Adrian Heafford

The absolute destruction of the terrorists responsible [and those in power who give their support] must go hand in hand with a change in America's foreign polices towards developing countries.

I'm sorry but this was not an excellent was DISGUSTING! I thought it was meant to be about what actually drove Bin Laden to such acts of terror. Having watched it, I'm still waiting to find out what drives him. Why was there no mention of US foreign policies. Might this be a critical factor to what drives Mr Bin Laden... I think so! Very disappointed with BBC!
Aftab Habib

There was NOTHING NEW I learnt in the Panorama documentary. It was total mishmash of this weeks' events. A total waste of time. You either provide information on Osama Bin Laden, i.e. the person behind the name, his history, his ideology, in-depth function of his 'cell' networks or just show a summary of what happened this week. You wasted your resources.
Shah Khan
Birmingham, UK

I think the programme you did summarised your views about Osama Bin Laden but yet I still think that it can be someone else. As a Muslim myself I don't think I am just sticking up for Mr Laden because I am a Muslim, but because I still think it could be anyone else and I think if America can bomb other countries then I don't see why other countries can't bomb America. But that's how war works whether you like it or not. I maybe only 14 years old but everyone has their own views and that's what I think. I send my condolences to America and I mean that because people think I just say that but not mean it. But I do and I'm really sorry for what happened.

Panorama was totally inappropriate broadcasting. It was only appealing to peoples emotions. I think to broadcast people jumping out of the towers and to show the towers collapsing again and again is insulting, insulting people's intelligence and most of all insulting to the dead people! Combined with slow motion and the background music it was almost glorified! I am disgusted with BBC for broadcasting this programme!
Mark Anderson
Birmingham, UK

I am saddened that in all the rhetoric there is no apparent attempt to speak to the mass of the followers of the true Islam who must abhor 11/9/2001 as much as we do. Speak to the Muslim world and listen; surely the overwhelming priority must be that this sort of event should never be seen again and perhaps not even contemplated. Full frontal militarism can only compound the misery.
Dr. David Deacon

Excellent programme, well done Jane Corbin and the rest of the team. The quality that we expect from BBC.
Steve Walton
Tunbridge Wells, Kent

I hold all of my trust in President Bush, he is a good man with a hard job and he knows what he's doing

Claire Thompson, Birmingham
America shouldn't go too far too soon, they should collect all of the evidence against the suspects, then act!! I hold all of my trust in President Bush, he is a good man with a hard job and he knows what he's doing. I have also had a loss during this tragedy and my thoughts and prayers go out to the grieving families and of course they also go out to the dead!! God bless
Claire Thompson

Osama Bin Laden and others of his ilk need a refuge in order to operate. Any government prepared to tolerate him and others like him are the enemy of the United States, Great Britain and indeed NATO. Any nation hosting him are fully responsible. Civilians of those countries give support to these terrorists and rejoice in public at the obscene carnage of last Tuesday. We may not defeat them easily but if we do not fight back there will be no peace only repeated acts.
Mike A.R. Powell
Chatham, U.K.

Why does everyone keep thinking that killing Osama Bin Laden will automatically kill his ideas? It will only turn him into a martyr. Unless someone starts listening to what he and his people have to say about western policies about the Middle East, nothing will change.
Ghent, Belgium

Your Panorama story on the history of Osama bin Laden falls miserably short of any semblance of real news and history. It fails completely to mention that in the Afghani war with Russia where Osama gained prominence that he was recruited, trained and supported by the US government CIA. Such oversights are appalling for an organization that presents itself as news. You should be ashamed of yourselves.
Sean Bagley/Steps to Freedom
Bloomington, IN, US

My concern is that there many never be enough evidence to convincingly prove that bin Laden was actually complicit in the attacks (everything presented so far seems *highly* circumstantial). Nonetheless, the US may feel compelled to retaliate with force. Irrespective of the moral position of that action, its political impact may be to substantially alienate the Muslim world, especially if innocents are hurt or killed (directly or indirectly). That, right there, has the seeds of something many orders of magnitude worse than what we saw in New York on September 11th. Its a very very scary scenario. On the positive side, Colin Powell seems to be keeping a very level head in handling the situation. My hopes are pinned on him.
Washington, DC

To follow one evil act with others will not improve the situation but make it worse. The only sensible course of action is to bring Bin Laden and his supporters before the international courts and the only way of securing this is to ensure that the right "carrots" in the form of much needed aid are produced to entice the Afghanis and Pakistan to secure that this happens. The "stick" of military intervention must be kept very much as a last not a first resort.
Peter Balcombe

While I fully support the U.S.A in any action to bring Osama bin Laden to justice, do not make a Martyr out of him as this will I feel do more harm than good - a public trial will do more good than a 1000 bombs.

We are so sorry

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