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Obama: Remaking America

Newsnight's Peter Marshall on Barack Obama's inauguration and the new president's pledges to change America.

Obama: Remaking America

Barack Obama Obama's first day

Barack Obama The Obama 'flub' conspiracies

Barack Obama studying Power Analysis First 100 days - the challenges

Woodward and Berstein Woodward and Bernstein interview

Rod Blagojevich Blagojevich casts shadow over Obama

Obama badge Can enthusiasm for Obama last?

Abraham Lincoln Historic inauguration addresses

image-649 greyline


Dollars at the printing press Economic challenges - Paul Mason

Europe from space Climate Challenge - Susan Watts

Soldiers marching Foreign policy problems - Mark Urban

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North Carolina Paxman's journey into US election

John McCain The Real John McCain

Ohio voter Ohio's economic concerns

Registration form US election: fake voter claims

Barack Obama The rise and rise of Obama


Barak Obama and John McCain Newsnight US 08 election debate

Barack Obama and John McCain Final presidential debate in full

Barack Obama and John McCain Second presidential debate in full

John McCain and Barack Obama The first presidential debate in full

Joe Biden and Sarah Palin US vice-presidential debate


US flag Diplomatic Editor Mark Urban

Starbucks customer Economics Editor Paul Mason

US flags over White House Political Editor Michael Crick

Oil well Science Editor Susan Watts

A scene from Matt Frei's Culpeper film Newsnight's election town: Culpeper, VA


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