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Television Monday, 1 September, 2003, 11:27 GMT 12:27 UK
Ali G Ali G
Newsnight Review discussed Ali G's first American seires - Ali G in da USAiii.

America Beyond the Colour Line
Newsnight Review discussed Henry Louis Gates' series America Beyond the Colour Line.

Auf Wiedersehen Pet
The Geordie brickies return from Germany to England in a sequel to "Auf Wiedersehen Pet" 17 years later.

The Autopsy
Newsnight Review discussed The Autopsy, Channel Four's broadcast of Professor Von Hagen's public autopsy at the Truman Brewery in London.

The Battle of Orgreave
Newsnight Review discussed "The Battle of Orgreave" - film director Mike Figgis and artist Jeremy Deller have recreated this emotive period of British history for television.

Being April
Pauline Quirke as a single mother with children by three men in the new TV drama.

Big Brother Final
Vulgarisation or vindication: The Big Brother Final Result

Cambridge Spies Cambridge Spies
Newsnight Review discussed the television drama Cambridge Spies.

Cutting It
A BBC1 drama about hairdressing in Manchester with Amanda Holden.

Daniel Deronda
Newsnight Review discussed the TV adaptation of "Daniel Deronda" for BBC One.

Click here for more details The Day Britain Stopped
Newsnight Review discussed the BBC2 drama-documentary The Day Britain Stopped.

Dr Zhivago
Newsnight Review discussed the TV adaptation of "Dr Zhivago" on ITV.

The Experiment
Television's recreation of a famous psychological experiment.

The Falklands Play
The controversial play is shown on television for the first time on BBC4.

The Gathering Storm
The forgotten years of Winston Churchill in "The Gathering Storm";

Goebbels und Gedulgig
Newsnight Review discussed Goebbels und Gedulgig, a comic treatment of Nazi Germany on ARD, Germany's national TV station.

In Search of Shakespeare
Newsnight Review discussed Michael Wood's programme In Search of Shakespeare.

Jeffrey Archer The Truth
Newsnight Review discussed BBC One's TV drama, Jeffrey Archer The Truth.

Jeremy Thorpe Meets Norman Scott
When Jeremy Thorpe met Norman Scott: Acquitted and ill, should Jeremy Thorpe now be tried on TV.

Liar, Liar, pants of fire - it pays to tell porky pies in the BBC's new game show "Liar"

The Lost Prince
Newsnight Review discussed The Lost Prince by Stephen Poliakoff.

Love and Death in Hull
Newsnight Review discussed Love and Death in Hull and Love Again, a documentary and a drama about poet Philip Larkin.

Lucky Jim
Newsnight Review discussed a new TV version of Lucky Jim.

The Project The Project
Newsnight Review discuss new political TV drama "The Project"

9/11 documentary for BBC One 9/11
"9/11" is a documentary by the Naudet brothers, featuring the only film shot inside World Trade Centre.

Newsnight Review discussed the Channel 4 reality show about would be opera singers.

George Orwell: A Life in Pictures
Newsnight Review discussed George Orwell: A Life in Pictures.

The Osbournes
Rocker Ozzy Osbourne in the TV series which has captivated millions of America including the President.

Robbie Coltrane The Planman
Newsnight Review discussed Robbie Coltrane's new TV series The Planman.

Real Men
Newsnight Review discussed BBC2's Real Men.

The Second Coming
Newsnight Review discussed ITV1's new drama, The Second Coming, staring Christopher Ecclestone.

Secrets of Leadership
Newsnight Review discussed Andrew Roberts' new series on the tricks of leadership

The fatal doctor: is the Shipman case a fitting subject for TV drama?

Six Feet Under
Death comes close to home for a family of funeral directors in the American TV hit.

Sparkhouse Sparkhouse
"Sparkhouse" is a new BBC drama which transplants Wuthering Heights to 21st Century Yorkshire.

State of Play
Newsnight Review discussed the TV drama State of Play, written Paul Abbott.

Newsnight Review discussed Steven Spielberg's TV series Taken which is a story of alien abductions, starting with the theory that extra-terrestrials landed at Roswell in New Mexico in 1947.

Twelfth Night
Newsnight Review discussed Channel 4's new film of Twelfth Night.

When She Died: Death of a Princess
The Princess of Wales as an operatic heroine in Channel 4's "When She Died"

White Teeth - Channel 4 Drama White Teeth
What makes Zadie Smith Britain's most popular serious novelist? Channel 4's adaptation of her bestseller White Teeth.

Newsnight Review discussed Emma Thompson in the TV drama Wit.
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