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John Carey

John Carey

John Carey, born in 1934, is a Fellow of the British Academy and was Merton Professor of English Literature at Oxford from 1975-2001. He is now an Emeritus Professor.

He has been principal book reviewer for the Sunday Times since 1977, and has chaired the Booker Prize judges twice, in 1982 and 2004.

His books include Milton (1969), The Violent Effigy, A Study of Dickens' Imagination (1973), Thackeray, Prodigal Genius (1977), John Donne, Life, Mind and Art (1981), Original Copy (1987), The Intellectuals and the Masses (1992) and Pure Pleasure (2001) and What Good are the Arts? (2005).

He has edited The Faber Book of Reportage (1987), The Faber Book of Science (1995) and the Faber Book of Utopias (1999).

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