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Friday, 1 February, 2008

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There Will Be Blood

There Will Be Blood

Paul Thomas Anderson's latest epic is about family, faith, power and oil.

It is set on the radical frontier of California's turn-of-the-century petroleum boom.

The story chronicles the rise of Daniel Plainview (Daniel Day-Lewis), who transforms himself from a down-and-out silver miner into a self-made oil tycoon.  

Plainview meets his match in Eli Sunday (Paul Dano), a charismatic teenage preacher in the small California town of Little Boston.

There Will Be Blood has picked up several major film awards, and leads the Oscar field together with crime thriller No Country for Old Men; with eight nominations each, the Best Picture and Best Actor categories are still hotly debated.

  • There Will Be Blood opens at the Vue West End, London on 8th February, 2008 and at cinemas nationwide on 15th February 2008 Certificate: 15


    Ashes to Ashes

    Ashes to Ashes

    The creators of the smash hit Life on Mars have brought their much-loved characters into the 80s and moved them south to London in the new series, Ashes to Ashes.

    DCI Gene Hunt, played by Philip Glenister, is back brasher than ever but Sam Tyler has disappeared to be replaced with a new female time-traveller, DI Alex Drake, played by Keeley Hawes.

    Alex is a police psychologist, who's studied Sam's case, but it doesn't prepare her for when she wakes up in 1981 after being taken hostage and shot in 2008.

    There's still a David Bowie song as the title but will the new central partnership be as magic as the one which made Life on Mars such a success?

  • Ashes to Ashes starts on BBC ONE on Thursday 7 February at 9pm


    Miracles of Life by JG Ballard

    Miracles of Life by JG Ballard
    British writer JG Ballard has been lauded for developing the sci-fi genre into eerie novels about modern dystopias such as The Drowned World, Crash, Cocaine Nights and Super-Cannes.

    In his memoir, Miracles of Life, written after he was diagnosed with advanced stage cancer, he traces his development as a chronicler of the fantastical to his childhood in Shanghai, where he first lived in an ex-pat community and then in a Japanese internment camp during the war, an experience which inspired his most famous work, Empire of the Sun.

  • Miracles of Life is published by Fourth Estate



    New York is under attack from a monster and group of attractive twenty-somethings attempt to cross the city to save a friend.

    The film appears to consist of hand held footage shot by one of them, found after the event and kept on file by the authorities under the codename Cloverfield.

    Produced by J J Abrams who gave us Lost, the film has been highly anticipated after a six month internet campaign. But will our guests believe the hype?

  • Cloverfield, certificate 15 is on general release from Friday 1 February


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