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Some of the best Newsnight interviews - arranged alphabetically by surname.

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King Abdullah of Jordan

On security in Iraq, committing his own troops and Saddam Hussein. July 2004.

President Bashar al-Assad

The President of Syria talks to John Simpson in an exclusive BBC interview. October 2006.

Ibrahim Jaafari

Iraqi PM on UK relations after the arrest and rescue of two British soldiers in Basra. September 2005.


Controversial Muslim cleric on suicide bombings in the Middle East. July 2004.

Martin Amis

The author gives Newsnight the first UK interview about his new book. September 2006.

Kofi Annan

UN secretary general on the UN oil for food scandal. September 2005.

Pakistan's prime minister, Shaukat Aziz

Pakistan's prime minister on Iran and the Middle East. March 2006.


Boris Berezovsky

Close friend of murdered ex-spy Alexander Litvinenko has broken his silence.

Tim Berners-Lee

World Wide Web inventor explains how the web has transformed our lives. August 2005.

Benazir Bhutto

Pakistan's former prime minister on madrassas and terrorism. July 2005.

Met Police chief Sir Ian Blair

Met Police chief outlines post-7 July government anti-terror plans. August 2005.

Tony Blair

Prime minister on energy review. July 2006. On combating anti-social behaviour. January 2006. Extended interview with Jeremy Paxman. April 2005.

US ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton

US ambassador to the UN on Iran's nuclear programme. October 2005.

Sir Richard Branson

The Virgin boss discusses his pledge to combat climate change. September 2006.

Ian Bremmer

The author of The J Curve discusses his book with Kirsty Wark. October 2006.

Michael Brown

Former Fema boss on relief efforts a year after Hurricane Katrina. August 2006.


David Cameron

On the eve of his keynote speech. Oct 06.
Speaking during his leadership campaign. Nov 05.

Sir Menzies Campbell

A special edition of Newsnight with the Liberal Democrat leader. July 2006.

Jimmy Carter

The former US President speaks to Newsnight. September 2006.

Prince Charles

The prince tells Newsnight about his fears for the future of British rural life. February 2006.

Jacques Chirac

France's president on the Iraq war and international relations. November 2004.

Charles Clarke

Home secretary outlines his plans for reform of the prison service. September 2005.

Bill Clinton

On drugs deal for developing countries. Jan 2006. On global initiative to tackle poverty. March 2006.

George Clooney

Kirsty Wark speaks to the star of Good Night and Good Luck and Syriana. Februray 2006.

Ann Coulter

US Republican polemicist takes on Jeremy Paxman. June 2006.


David Davis

David Davis faces Jeremy Paxman ahead of the Tory leadership election. November 2005.

Paul Davies

The author of The Goldilocks Enigma talks to Science Editor Susan Watts. October 2006.

Professor Richard Dawkins

Professor Dawkins talks to Jeremy Paxman about his book The God Delusion. September 2006.

John Denham

Former cabinet minister says Tony Blair needs to reconnect with the public. May 2006.

Gerard Depardieu

Stephen Smith talks to the French actor about his work and passion for cookery. September 2005.

Joan Didion

Author and iconic US journalist Joan Didion on The Year of Magical Thinking. September 2006.

Pete Doherty

Two interviews with the controversial former Libertines singer. December 2004 and 2005.


Gen Tommy Franks

US Commander in Chief on Osama bin Laden and the War on Terror. August 2004.


Gen Jay Garner

Former US administrator in Iraq claims war planning began as early as 2001. March 2004.

Speaker Newt Gingrich

Former Republican speaker says global terrorism marks the start of World War III. July 2006.

Mikhail Gorbachev

Former Soviet leader on the War on Terror, the Middle East and Russia under Putin. October 2005.

Al Gore

The former US presidential candidate talks to Ethical Man about climate change. September 2006.


Michael Howard

Extended interview with Jeremy Paxman. May 2005. Jeremy asks the same question 12 times. May 1997.


Kaczynski, Lech

Poland's president tells Kirsty Wark that there is no brain drain to the UK. November 2006.

Rwanda's President Paul Kagame

Rwandan president on the conflict in Darfur, Sudan. September 2006.

Norman Kember

Interview with the British charity worker who was kidnapped in Iraq. December 2006.

Lib Dem leader Charles Kennedy

Extended election interview with Jeremy Paxman. May 2005.

Zalmay Khalilzad

US Ambassador to Iraq on deaths of Iraqis in US custody. February 2006.

Brigadier General Mark Kimmett

US Central Command brigadier on US troops in Iraq. June 2006.

Stephen King

The novelist speaks to Mark Lawson about his new book Lisey's story. Nov 2006.



The singer speaks to Kirsty Wark after criticism of her plan to adopt a baby from Malawi. Nov 2006.

Thabo Mbeki

Martha Kearney speaks to South Africa's President at the G8 Summit in Gleneagles. July 2005.

Paula and Catherine McCartney

Sisters of murdered Belfast man on their campaign to bring killers to justice. December 2005.

David Miliband

Environment Secretary on the government's draft Climate Change Bill.

Judith Miller

Former New York Times journalist jailed over CIA leak case. November 2005.

Alberto Mora

Former US Navy legal chief says US may be guilty of war crimes in Guantanamo. May 2006.

Congressman John Murtha

Gavin Esler speaks to Democrat Congressman on his opposition to keeping troops in Iraq. Dec 2005.

President Pervez Musharraf

Should the ISI be dismantled? September 2006. Pakistan's president on the "War on Terror". Dec 04.


Sheik Hassan Nasrallah

After Israel's withdrawl from Lebanon in 2000 the Hezbollah leader spoke to Newsnight. May 2000.

Egyptian prime minister Ahmed Nazif

Egypt's Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif speaks to Jeremy Paxman. March 2006.


Israel's Deputy Prime Minister Shimon Peres

Israel's Vice Prime Minister on the conflict with Hezbollah in Lebanon. July 2006.

Dimitry Peskov

The senior Kremlin official speaks about the poisoning of ex-Russian spy Mr Litvinenko.

Harold Pinter

Extended Newsnight Review interview with the Nobel-winning playwright. June 2006.

Former US Secretary of State Colin Powell

The former US secretary of state admits that the US was wrong about Iraqi WMD. Janurary 2006.


Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani

Iranian presidential hopeful speaks to Gavin Esler about Iran's nuclear programme. June 2005.

Lead singer of the Rolling Stones, Mick Jagger

Robin Denslow interviews band members as they prepare for world tour. September 2005.

Carne Ross

Former diplomat on potentially revealing Iraq intelligence to a Commons committee. Dec 06.

Donald Rumsfeld during a BBC interview

US Defense Secretary told Newsnight Iraq's insurgence would be defeated. June 2005.


Iraqi Deputy PM Barham Salih

Iraq's deputy prime minister on security and the possible withdrawal of coalition troops.

Ridley Scott

Director of Alien, Bladerunner, Gladiator and Thelma and Louise among others on his 70th birthday.

Cindy Sheehan

Mother of US soldier killed in action in Iraq on her anti-war protests. December 2005.

Javier Solana

EU's foreign policy chief says international forces could police Israel-Lebanon border. July 2006

Mark E Smith

The Fall frontman discusses the death of veteran BBC DJ John Peel. October 2004.

Sir Nicholas Stern

The Stern Climate Review author discusses the government's response. January 2007.


Jalal Talabani

An exclusive UK interview with the Iraqi president on his first official visit to Britain. October 2005.

John Tulloch

London tube bomb victim on the use of his image by the tabloid press. December 2005.

Robert Tuttle

US ambassador to the UK insists the Iran crisis will be solved by diplomacy. May 2006.


Dr Rowan Williams

Archbishop meets Newsnight's Ethical Man. May 06. Archbishop of Canterbury on politics. March 2005.

Joseph Wilson

US ambassador on the disclosure of his wife as a CIA officer. November 2005.

Oprah Winfrey

The US TV host says global leadership must improve to combat poverty. January 2007.

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