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Last Updated: Tuesday, 3 May, 2005, 13:32 GMT 14:32 UK
Time to decide

Four weeks ago they were seven unknowns. Then, our own Stephen Smith turned up at their door - a red door, not that that's any more significant than the green bin before it.

Stephen had arrived to declare an end to apathy. He would take a group of young students by the scruff of the neck - where collars permitted - and invite them to engage with the election.

An initial tour of the student house was enough to invoke sheer terror and Stephen was left in little doubt as to how they felt about the election campaign.

The exterior of Newsnight's student house
No 32 has been home to the ultimate political party
The students regarded politics as big a turn-off as the mould on their bathroom wall and as easy for them to ignore. There was a more tangible interest in the extent to which rice would stick to their hob than to which politicians might stick to their pledges. And surely Pledge was a seldom-used cleaning agent anyway?

However, they admitted to being open to suggestions - a chink of light in an otherwise dingy student living room. Could they be made to turn?

Viewers responded well to the students, sending them e-mails full of ideas, encouragement and reasons to vote for one, or any, particular party. Some were critical, compelling Ben to post a video message responding to suggestions that he was more interested in fashion than the state of the country.

Now, the students have been forced to consider where they stand in the election campaign and how they will vote on May 5th.

They've met Michael Howard and Charles Kennedy, they've thrown a political party in their back garden and they've hit the roads in their very own battle bus.

But they couldn't coast forever. It was time to hit the brakes and decide.

In Tuesday's programme, when there were just two days to go before polling day, Newsnight revealed the thinking behind our young voters' intentions.

You can watch all the best bits from Newsnight's Student House on Wednesday 4 May at 11.05pm on BBC3.

Andrew - intends to vote Conservative.
Akilah - will vote either Labour or Liberal Democrat, but definitely not Conservative.
Ben - will not be voting, but why not?
Amy - also not voting. Again, is there a reason?
Will - intends to vote Liberal Democrat.
Jade - the third student who will not be voting for any party.
Tom - intends to vote Liberal Democrat.

Newsnight is at 10.30pm BST on BBC2.


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