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The Paxman Interviews
Jeremy Paxman on the Newsnight set
Newsnight broadcast three special programmes on BBC One in the run-up to the election. In major one-to-one interviews, Jeremy Paxman questioned the three main party leaders.

You can watch each interview again or read the transcripts by clicking on the links below.

Monday 18 April

Charles Kennedy

Charles Kennedy

So often overlooked by the electorate, will this be the election that brings the Liberal Democrats closer to power? Do they think they can appeal to both lapsed Conservatives and angry Labour voters?

And how attractive is the Liberal Democrats' promise to raise taxes?

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Wednesday 20 April
Tony Blair

Tony Blair

The war in Iraq was deeply unpopular - does Tony Blair think it lost him the nation's trust? Does Labour intend to raise taxes?

And why is he so close to President Bush?

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Friday 22 April

Michael Howard

What really are the Conservative's plans for taxation if they get elected? Will they cut public services?

And has Mr Howard managed to shed the idea that he has "something of the night" about him?

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Paxman grills party leaders
18 Apr 05 |  Newsnight Election 2005


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