The current and all past Newsnight editors chose a film or interview that stood out during their editorship of the programme. Watch and find out more about their choices.


Martha Kearney on how women journalists and news producers - once derided as "news tarts" - came of age.
Newsnight's Diplomatic Editor Mark Urban on how the show has reported conflicts over the last 25 years.
Correspondent David Sells presented the first foreign report for the first programme, and he's still at it today...

Peter Snow, Newsnight's first and longest serving presenter, takes a trip down memory lane as the show turns 25.
Newsnight's founding editor, George Carey, on the programme's troubled start in television life...
Charles Wheeler says Newsnight's mix of news and current affairs added depth to television journalism.

Newsnight Review's Mark Lawson on how the weekly "arts barney" has benefited from its adoption by news.

Editor Craig Williams on Newsnight Scotland; possibly the Beeb's most visible response to devolution.


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