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Last Updated: Thursday, 3 February, 2005, 12:14 GMT
Your Newsnight highlight

Jeremy Paxman poses THAT question just one more time
Asking the question....
Your winning nomination: We asked the current programme editor and all past editors to choose a Newsnight highlight - and we asked you to nominate your favourite Newsnight moment too.

An overwhelming majority of you nominated Jeremy Paxman's interview with Michael Howard in 1997. Yes, the one where Jeremy asked Mr Howard the same question 12 times.


Others nominated Newsnight's on the day coverage of the September 11th attacks, Paul Woods reports on the battle for Fallujah, Kirsty Wark's interview with Beverley Hughes, Martha Kearney on the 2001 General Election and Charles Wheeler's report on the plight of Kurdish refugees after the first Gulf War.

Gavin Esler's interview with French President Jacques Chirac and Jeremy Paxman's interview with UK Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Newsnight editor Peter Barron said of the winning nomination: "I think we always knew what was going to win, but we were amazed at just how popular this interview was - it gained about 90% of the votes cast.

"Looking at it now, it remains as electrifying and extraordinary as the moment it happened, and sums up what the very best of Newsnight is all about."

Newsnight is broadcast every weekday at 10.30pm on BBC Two in the UK.


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