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Your Newsnight 25 slogans
On 30 January, Newsnight will be 25 years old.

To celebrate, we made the week beginning Monday, 24 January Newsnight Awareness Week and launched a competition for our very own slogan.

Read on to find out who won.

Peter Barron
Editor, Newsnight

We received a humblingly large response to our request for a slogan to adorn our Newsnight 25th Anniversary awareness bracelet.

The vast majority were complimentary - thanks very much - but we're big enough to send bracelets even to those who were rude about us. We know where you live.

The first 250 emailers will all receive a bracelet embossed with the winning slogan.

The most popular suggestion, by far, was "Did you threaten to overrule him?". Nice idea, but I don't think we could really celebrate 25 years by concentrating on just one incident, even if it did happen 12 times.

"Newsnight x 25 on 2 4 u" from E Fletcher of Lichfield felt economical and modern, but perhaps a bit too modern for a programme as old as we are.

David Kirk from Carryduff's "I am aware" had an appealing Star Trek quality about - any relation David? But as I'm from Carryduff it might look like favouritism.

I liked "Nut allergy" from Kenn Garroch, but we don't want any run-ins with the health professionals, "Low Bullshit Threshhold" from Robert Brewster of Worthing hit a similar vein.

OK, some less positive ones then. Paul Orrett of Welwyn Garden City suggested. "Newsnight, great at ridicule and sneering contempt, and perfect ourselves". Sorry Paul, too long.

Roger Thomas of Crewe thought "We never reply to emails or cover real news" would be an appropriate slogan. Sorry Roger, we do.

While "I might - but after Newsnight" from Alun Kimber of the Netherlands struck a chord with many of us.

Honourable mentions to "Newsnight. It's the news. At night" from John Peto of Derry, and "Newsnight: Always going out on a limb" from Paul Hopkins in Surrey but the winner is:

"Newsnight is 25 and all I got was this lousy bracelet" from Claire Hanna of Belfast, which had the virtue of being entertaining and deadly accurate. Well done Claire.

All those mentioned, and the rest of the first 250 to respond, will get a highly collectable embossed bracelet in Newsnight purple in the post (allow 28 days for delivery), and we'll hold a few in reserve to give out to viewers who send us interesting stories. Just like Blue Peter badges.

Thanks to everyone who took part.

Newsnight: Baiting the hook since 1980
Mary Agnes Krell, Brighton

We ask, they answer, you listen
Ron Taylor, London

Newsnight: 25 years.... or 6 with good behaviour
Ranulf T. Gibson, Devon

Newsnight: Doesn't keep you in the dark
Mervyn Seymour, Berkshire

Watch Newsnight: Cut to the chase
Tony Field, Middlesex

Newsnight - Never afraid to tell the truth
Evonne Okafor, London

Newsnight - 5 times a week for 25 years
Jim Breeds, Middlesex

Newsnight = journalism that excels
Kate Thomas, Ontario

No Newsnight is a bad news night
Colin Chamberlain, Windsor

Newsnight: The story behind the story
John McRae, Tyne and Wear

Newsnight: Reassuringly extensive
Jenny Sandown, Isle of Wight

Newsnight - The Real News Programme
Gareth Cox, Aberystwyth

Have fun! Make it a Newsnight!
Lynsey Fraser, Tyne & Wear

Newsnight - always going out on a limb
Paul Hopkins, Surrey

One of a kind for the enquiring mind
Kate Martino, USA

Keep asking the awkward questions
Paul Bleasdale, Bolton

Jeremy Paxman - need I say more?
Martin Sim, Tyne and Wear

News Media without Mediocrity
Marc Bennett, London

Newsnight digs at the life of the day
Xenia Wall, London

Think education is expensive? Try ignorance
Sarah B, Vancouver

Born to be mild
Andrew Neeson, London

Hello, good evening and...Sorry, wrong programme
Elizabeth Holt, Edinburgh

Answers in the dark since 1980
Grace Smallwood, London

Newsnight: It is BIG and it is CLEVER
Iain Scarlett, Hertfordshire

Newsnight: Life, the Universe & Everything
JJ, Isle of Wight,

"Entertaining Truth!"
Gordon Henderson, Florida

Newsnight: A 'need to know' basis
Jen, Southampton,

Newsnight: News, Truth & Reviews
Christopher Birch, Middlesex

Beware spinners We shine with truth
Noel Dobson, York

Newsnight - Real news, comfortably seated behind a desk
Simon Howard, Stockton-on-Tees

Newsnight WMD...Words of Mass Description
Ken Hickey, Ireland

1 in 8 Big Brother housemates prefer it!
Ian Atkin, Sheffield

Newsnight - The true voice of democracy
John Ball, Portugal

25 years of answers!
Alex, Jersey

Probably the best news programme ever
Luke Herbert, London

A fix on truth in a world that spins
Brian Wall, Kent

Newsnight, news without a twist.
Andrew B, Kent

We tell it as we see it
Rodney Nichols, Essex

Newsnight is 25 and all I got was this lousy bracelet
Claire Hanna, Belfast

I might - but after Newsnight
Alun Kimber, The Netherlands

Seeking Truth & Understanding
Robin French, Bridgend

The truth for ever
Daphne Clark, Suffolk

Newsnight: A Band Apart
Ronan French, Co Dublin

Newsnight. It's the news. At night
John Peto, N Ireland

Answer the question!
Susan Low, Kent

"WWJD": What Would Jeremy Do?
Rob Cotterill, Manchester

I love Newsnight
Joanna Milton, Nottingham

Did you threaten to overrule him?
Luke Collins, London

Wear the band, destroy apathy
Mo, Sheffield

The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth
Ian Turner, Leicester

Make Newsnight History
Andy Heath, Warrington

You'd better have a good answer for Newsnight
Dave Haynes, Herefordshire

Newsnight: The News by night, 25
Kamal Yusuf, London

I've been Paxoed
Mark Wirt, Middlesex

Be Aware. Be Very Aware.
Cathy Hirst, Macclesfield

Answer the question, Mr Howard
Chris Brown, Bristol

Newsnight - the news that matters to you
Chris Dobinson, Derbyshire

I'd rather be watchin' Newsnight
Steve Bernstein, Cambridge

Newsnight - because it matters
J Gallivan, Kent

News By Mouth 1980 - 2005
Stephen Frame, Liverpool

BBC Newsnight: 25 years without compromise
Louise, Belfast

The only thing in news we can be sure of
Simon Gerrard, Huddersfield

Ask the question just one more time
John Adams, Ballymena


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