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Newsnight 25th anniversary quiz
Jeremy Paxman
Have you watched Newsnight since the beginning?

Are you an expert on the programme?

Try our quiz and find out...

Question 1
Who presented the very first Newsnight?
A: Peter Snow and Jeremy Paxman
B: Peter Hobday and John Tusa
C: Charles Wheeler and Peter Snow
D: Peter Snow and Peter Hobday
Question 2
Which of the following celebrities have reported for Newsnight?
A: Iman Bowie
B: Mica Paris
C: Mick Hucknall
D: Rupert Everett
E: All of them
Question 3
Who composed Newsnight's theme tune?
A: George Fenton
B: John Williams
C: Andrew Lloyd Webber
D: Mike Batt
Question 4
How many times did Jeremy Paxman ask Michael Howard THAT question?
A: 12
B: 13
C: 14
D: 15
Question 5
And what was THAT question?
A: Did you threaten to sack him?
B: Did you threaten to overrule him?
C: Did you threaten to re-instate him?
D: Did you threaten to take him outside?
Question 6
Which celebrity did BBC Radio 4's Today programme compare Jeremy Paxman to?
A: Cary Grant
B: Cliff Richard
C: Jason Donovan
D: Robbie Williams
Question 7
Who was Newsnight's strangest guest?
A: Colonel Mustard
B: Mr Benn
C: Father Ted
D: Madame Cholet
Question 8
Which of these sets have appeared on the programme?
A: Rainforest
B: Football dug-out
C: Both of them
Question 9
Who is the longest serving presenter?
A: John Tusa
B: Charles Wheeler
C: Jeremy Paxman
D: Peter Snow
Question 10
Which MP came to an elderly gentleman's rescue during an interview?
A: Paddy Ashdown
B: John Major
C: Neil Kinnock

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