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Newsnight's 9/11 coverage

Editor: George Entwistle (2001-04)

Jeremy Vine in the studio
Jeremy Vine presenting the 9/11 programme
Nomination: George nominated Newsnight's coverage of the 9/11 terror attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

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George said: "It's tricky to choose one moment from a period that began with the attack on the Twin Towers, encompassed the Iraq war and the awful death of Dr David Kelly, and ended before the dust had properly settled on Lord Hutton's decapitation of the BBC.

"My first day as editor was the 10 September 2001. That night I met Peter Horrocks, one of my predecessors, for a drink and to discuss what the programme could do that autumn to enliven the dreary prospect of the party conferences.

"By lunchtime the following day Newsnight, and the rest of the world, was facing a more pressing challenge.

"I was very proud of much of the journalism the superb programme team put together while I was editor, but never prouder than on 9/11 and the days that followed."


Politics and Philosophy at Durham University 1980-83
Haymarket Publishing: 1984-89
BBC Broadcast Journalism Trainee: 1989-90
Assistant producer, Panorama: 1990-1992
Producer, On The Record: 1993-94
Producer, Newsnight: 1994-97
Assistant Editor, Newsnight: 1998-99
Deputy Editor, Tomorrow's World: 1999-2000
Deputy Editor, Newsnight: 2000-2001
Editor, Newsnight: 2001-2004
Executive Editor, Topical Arts, BBC2 + BBC4: 2004 onwards

Newsnight is broadcast every weekday at 10:30pm on BBC Two in the UK.

Newsnight's coverage of the 9/11 attacks


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