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Child abuse investigation

Sian Kevill: Editor 1998-2001

Generic image of children in silhouette
The film investigated child abuse within families

Nomination: Sian nominated a special investigation by Sarah MacDonald into child abuse within families.

She also commended Susan Watts' investigations in GM foods and the 2001 election coverage.

The child abuse film was first broadcast on 20 November 2000. Click on the video link on the right-hand side to watch.

Sian said the film covered one of the most difficult issues; child abuse within families.

During the course of the film paedophiles discussed abusing children. The film was made after one of the victims contacted the programme and led to the conviction of paedophiles.


Sian Kevill is editorial director of BBC World; the BBC's commercially funded 24-hour international news and information channel.

Sian's career at the BBC began in 1984 where she progressed from being deputy editor of On The Record, to editor of Radio Foreign Programmes, to deputy head of Political Programmes.

As Newsnight editor from 1998 to 2001, Sian led the programme to Bafta Awards for Best Presenter and Best New Director. During this time, Newsnight also received awards fro the Monte Carlo Television Festival, the Royal Television Society and Race in the Media.

In 2002, Sian was presented with a personal award from Women in Film and Television for her contribution to news and current affairs.

She was subsequently appointed Head of Political Initiative at the BBC and led the corporation's Political Programmes Review.

Newsnight is broadcast every weekday at 10:30pm on BBC Two in the UK.

Watch an excerpt of Sarah MacDonald's investigation into child abuse within families


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