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Paxman versus Howard

Peter Horrocks: Editor 1994-97
Jeremy Paxman
Asking the question...

Nomination: Peter nominated Jeremy Paxman's famous grilling of Michael Howard from 1997.

In it, Jeremy asked Mr Howard the same question 12 times - not the widely believed 14 times.

The interview was first broadcast on 13 May 1997.


Peter said: "The Paxman versus Howard interview is remembered as one of the toughest political interviews ever conducted.

Michael Howard
What again?
During the course of the interview Jeremy Paxman notoriously asked the former home secretary, Michael Howard, the same question 12 times.

At the time the interview was thought likely to contribute to the stalling of Mr Howard's political career. After eight years it is still seen as riveting political theatre.


Peter Horrocks joined the BBC in October 1981 as a news trainee. He went on to work for Newsnight as an assistant producer and then producer.

After working as a senior producer, intake editor and output editor on Breakfast Time (now Breakfast News), he became deputy editor of Panorama in 1988.

In 1990, Peter was appointed editor of the BBC's television election night results programme. He also edited BBC TV's coverage of the Budget, by-elections and local elections. Peter edited the 1994 European Election results programme and the General Election results programme in May 1997.

Peter Horrocks
Peter Horrocks is now head of BBC Current Affairs
In May 1992, Peter was appointed editor of BBC Two's social affairs programme, Public Eye, a position he held until January 1994 when he launched Here And Now, the BBC's popular current affairs magazine programme.

Peter became editor of Newsnight in April 1994 and left to take up the position of editor, Panorama in December 1997.

He was appointed head of Current Affairs in June 2000.

Newsnight is broadcast every weekday at 10:30pm on BBC Two in the UK.

Jeremy Paxman interviews Michael Howard


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