Return to Dora, Iraq

Once known as 'the worst place in Iraq', the Baghdad suburb of Dora has made some remarkable changes for the better.

Newsnight's Mark Urban returrns to the Iraqi town of Dora.

General David Petraeus Petraeus on US military action

US solider in Iraq US troops' anger on Iraq duty

Baghdad blogger Salam Pax Plight of Iraqi refugees

US soldier in Iraq Iranian influence

Soldier in Iraq Soldier morale

A British soldier in Basra Brits in Basra

image-649 greyline


Iraq's Deputy Prime Minister Barham Saleh Governing Iraq

Iraqi refugees in Syria Iraq refugees concern for Syria

US soldier in Iraq What went wrong in Iraq?

Soldier in Bagdhad US troops surge

British army landrover in Iraq Policing the border

Kurdish forces being trained in Iraq Israelis train Kurds

US troops help pull down a statue of Saddam Hussein Unpopular war

US soldier and Iraqi civilian Signs of success

A translator at work Interpreting danger in Iraq

US troops Inside Sadr City

Iraq women Iraqi women

Isam Rasheed with missile at his home Life for an Iraqi blogger

The Baghdad blogger, Salam Pax A year in the life

In the shadow of Saddam

Cassette tapes in Baghdad's only record shop In search of fun in Baghdad

Salam Pax Staying alive in Iraq

Statue of Saddam Hussein being toppled in Baghdad in 2003 Fears Iraq is being lost

Shop in Iraq Making a buck in the 'new' Iraq


Shahram Amiri, 13.07 Iranian scientist 'heading home'

Map of Yemen Attack on Yemen security offices

Members of the crew on board the Amalthea at the Lavrio port, 9 July Libyan 'Gaza ship' docks in Egypt


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