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Exclusive new CCTV footage of Mumbai gunmen

CCTV footage showing gunmen inside the Taj Hotel, Mumbai

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The BBC's Newsnight programme has obtained exclusive CCTV footage from inside Mumbai's Taj Mahal Palace Hotel as it was targeted by a group of gunmen as part of a string of co-ordinated attacks in the city.

The gunmen had stormed the Taj Mahal as people sat down for dinner at about 2120 on Wednesday 26 November, opening fire indiscriminately.

In this footage four heavily armed assailants, identified as Abu Shoaib, Abu Umer, Abdul Rehman Bada and Abu Ali, can be seen searching the hotel for guests to take hostage.

Hundreds of people hid as gunmen fought special commandos in a siege which lasted for almost 60 hours.

Watch Newsnight's full report, revealing new audio and CCTV of how the Mumbai attacks unfolded, on BBC Two at 10.30pm on Monday 29 June 2009.


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