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Newsnight, Thursday 26 February, 2009

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Yugoslav war crimes tribunal conviction

Judges at the Yugoslav war crimes tribunal have convicted five senior members of the Serb leadership on war crimes charges against Kosovo Albanians.

The former Serbian President Milan Milutinovic was acquitted.

In 1999 John Sweeney saw the aftermath of a massacre against Kosovan Albanians and found some crucial evidence. He later testified at the Hague against the defendants.

Witness to a massacre

Microfinance & Muhammad Yunus

The global recession has seen one financial sector boom, micro finance, where low interest loans are extended to the world's poorest people.

Matt Prodger reports.

Gavin Esler is joined by the Nobel Peace Prize winner and pioneer of microcredit, Professor Muhammad Yunus, and by the economist Dr Dambisa Moyo author of Dead Aid, to debate the scope and benefits of micro finance.

The benefits of micro finance

Thatcher's legacy

30 years after she became Prime Minister, the current economic situation is making us re-evaluate Margaret Thatcher's legacy.

Gavin Esler is joined by Lord Hattersley who was deputy leader of the Labour party and a former Labour minister; Lord Steel who led the Liberals; and Jonathan Aitken who was a Conservative Cabinet minister to debate.

Re-evaluating Thatcher's legacy

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