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How Newsnight investigates

Susan Watts investigated the scandal of how infected blood was given to haemophiliacs killing 1,800 of them so far. Should politicians should have been prosecuted for their part in the affair?

Meirion Jones
By Meirion Jones
BBC Newsnight, Investigations producer

The step by step guide to Newsnight investigations

Every story is different but when setting out on an investigation there is a series of steps we follow in order to establish the truth and to find the evidence to prove it.

We act on tip offs, follow any leads that preliminary research throw up, gather all the evidence we can to prove the story is correct and then present the allegation to whoever we are accusing of wrongdoing.

If you would like to know in more detail about the process we go through in bringing investigative stories to air have a look at the Tip Offs, Leads, Evidence and Revelation tabs which explain and illustrate the typical elements of the many investigations I've worked on for Newsnight.

But most importantly, if you know of a story you think we should be investigating, email me, Meirion Jones, at

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