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Last Updated: Monday, 10 March 2008, 14:12 GMT

Newsnight has made many films about children in the UK and abroad

You may be surprised to know that Newsnight's content is not solely about adults.

Newsnight has actually made quite a few films about children.

The programme team believes that viewers, no matter what age, should be kept informed about the world around us.

Newsnight reporters have covered a range of issues affecting kids such as health, technology, arts/culture and economics.

We are calling out to teenagers or even younger children
Peter Barron
Newsnight Editor

Childhood obesity, the effect of video games on intelligence, kids being business entrepreneurs, and how violence and art are related are just some of the films that Newsnight has made about kids.

Newsnight even allowed students to do some reporting for the programme.

These films are between 10-15 minutes long and are like mini documentaries where we really get to know the people and find out about a subject in depth.

Newsnight Editor, Peter Barron said:

"We are calling out to teenagers or even younger children. You don't need to stay up late until 10.30pm, you can watch the programme online any time of day."

Here is a look back at some of the films that Newsnight has recently made about children - we hope you enjoy them.


Obese kid

A third of UK kids are overweight but a new course aims to re-educate children and families about food. Jackie Long reports.

Jackie Long reports on the progress of overweight kids on a new scheme to teach them about food.

Jackie Long revisits the children and finds some are finding the weight loss programme tough going.


Stephanie Flanders explores what happened when 10,000 school children were lent 10 for a month to see if they could make a profit.

Youngsters at a computer

Newsnight has revisited some of the school pupils given 10 in order to develop a business idea.

Children in class

It's not often that Newsnight lets children do our reporting for us. But that's what's happened in Bradford United where two very different schools in Bradford, only 3 miles apart represented their views on screen.

Art exhibition

Culture Correspondent Steve Smith went along to an exhibition of artworks created by children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Child labour is continuing to be used in the farming of cocoa

Child labour is continuing to be used in the farming of cocoa, which is used to make chocolate.

Some London schoolchildren were so upset by the film that they decided to protest against what they saw as modern day slavery - Humphrey Hawksley's reports.

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