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Last Updated: Wednesday, 7 March 2007, 16:58 GMT
Wednesday, 7 March, 2007
By Robbie Gibb
Producer, BBC Newsnight


Presented by Jeremy Paxman


I'm afraid we can't yet give you any details about the story we're leading the programme with tonight but it's a shocking story and it's well worth tuning in for.


It has taken 7 years to reach this point but by this evening we should know what type of Upper house we will have in this country in the future. MPs will be voting on a series of proposals ranging from a wholly elected to a wholly appointed House of Lords. There is even an option to abolish it completely.

So what will the "new look" House of Lords mean for our constitution and will it change the influence and balance of power between the two houses? We'll be discussing the result with supporters and dissenters/peers on both sides of the debate.


Voters have been going to the polls today to elect new members to the Northern Ireland Assembly. The assembly and power-sharing arrangements have been suspended since 2002 after allegations of an IRA spy ring at Stormont. The polls will have just closed as we go on air. Liz MacKean has spent the day looking at the mood in Belfast and how likely it is that these elections will lead to a resumption of power-sharing.


We have a fascinating profile of Nicholas Sarkozy, the man who wants to be the next French President. Caroline Wyatt reveals a man hungry for power who is resorting to some unusual tactics in his attempts to reach out to voters.

Vote due on House of Lords reform
07 Mar 07 |  UK Politics

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