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Last Updated: Monday, 5 March 2007, 13:11 GMT
Michael Crick's form on photos...
Michael Crick's own shocking pictorial past.

When Michael Crick unearthed an old picture of Tony Blair apparently making a rude gesture the image was shown around the globe.

But was Newsnight's politician-botherer hiding a shocking pictorial past himself?

In researching a story about how a picture of David Cameron had been withdrawn from circulation, Michael exposed how the bottom half of a picture of the prime minister had been hidden from public view for years.

Then one of Michael's old school mates got in touch with Newsnight to say he had a photograph of a young Crick making an uncouth hand gesture himself.

Watch Michael's investigation

School mate Bill Pearson said, "I can't remember that much about our school days, but I can remember that Michael always had an enquiring mind and livened up English debates etc."

It would seem he liked to liven up form photographs too, and so here, in the interests of fair play, we revealed that picture.

Although the original was a little less clear - the young Crick was obviously slightly worried by the teacher behind him - Newsnight has "cleaned up" the photo to show you exactly what the boy intended.

And, purely for reference, here are those pictures of David Cameron and Tony Blair once again.

Newsnight commissioned a version of the Bullingdon photo

Tony Blair gestures in this student photo

Cameron student photo is banned
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