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Last Updated: Tuesday, 13 February 2007, 17:16 GMT
Tuesday 13 February, 2007
By Simon Enright
Programme producer, BBC Newsnight

Children playing hopscotch

Presented by Jeremy Paxman


Are we failing our children? Tonight we will devote almost all of the programme to a damning report from UNICEF.

They've collected together statistics from the world's richest countries and their findings will make difficult reading for a British government which aimed to do so much to improve the lives of the least well-off.

Dillon's story animation on Newsround
BBC Newsround has produced some powerful animated reports - such as Dillon's story - about young people in difficult circumstances.

With a panel of experts we'll debate just why we are failing our children and how we can put it right.

Are we putting them under too much pressure or not providing enough rules? Is family breakdown to blame and can government do anything about that. Fundamentally, how can we make our children happier.

We'll hear from children about life in 21st century Britain.

And finally what can and what will our politicians do to help?

Finally, today we've been asking you what you think is most important for making children happy. Join the debate here.

Jeremy Paxman will be trying to find the answers at 10.30GMT. Please join us.

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