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Last Updated: Thursday, 24 May 2007, 10:43 GMT 11:43 UK
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General Laurent Nkunda

UN fails to stop Congo violence

A powerful film about the failure of the UN in the Congo.

The peacekeeping mission has been powerless to act while a warlord has been committed gross human rights abuses and forced tens of thousands of Congolese to leave their homes.

Fergal Keane tracks down the warlord and speaks to the UN about their inability to intervene.

BROADCAST: 23 May, 2007

The Newsnight GB tour

The Newsnight GB Tour

A softer, humbler sounding Prime Minister elect has said he wants to win back trust for the Labour Party and listen to the country.

So Newsnight takes to the road for the GB tour to see what he really means and indeed what the country's saying.

Paul Mason kicks off the tour in Basildon, a bell weather constituency which was Tory under Thatcher and Labour under Blair. What do they make of Gordon?


troop in Baghdad

Inside Iraq

A week of Newsnight reports from inside Iraq.

Tim Whewell and film-maker Maziar Bahari report on what it's like living in Sadr City, Baghdad.

While Newsnight's diplomatic Editor Mark Urban spent three days embedded with US forces in Al Doura - south of of the capital.

FIRST BROADCAST: 15th and 14th May 2007

Tony Blair

Tony Blair's Legacy

Newsnight's Martha Kearney looks at Tony Blair's legacy as prime minister both domestically and on the wider world stage.

And Jeremy Paxman presents extended analysis of the Blair years with an distinguished political panel.


Ian Paisley arriving earlier at Stormont

Paisley profile

At 81, Dr Ian Paisley becomes the First Minister of Northern Ireland, sharing office with his age-old Republican enemies.

Liz MacKean met him just before he took office to assess how much of a turnaround the DUP leader has made. And Jeremy Paxman goes back to Belfast to see how the city has changed in the last decade.


The five men convicted for the fertiliser bomb plot

The terror network

The trial of five men involved in a UK bomb plot with links to al-Qaeda has come to an end. With it has come the revelation that some of the plotters met two of the 7 July suicide bombers.

Meanwhile, Newsnight has discovered that some of those who were alleged to have helped the men involved in the London bombings and the fertiliser plot are still walking the streets of Britain.

Richard Watson brings us both reports.

FIRST BROADCAST: 30 April, 2007


Scottish independence

Before the Scottish parliamentary elections, there was much speculation that an SNP victory could ultimately lead to independence for Scotland.

Newsnight's Economics Editor Stephanie Flanders assesses whether the numbers of going it alone add up for the Scottish economy, while David Grossman looks and the politics and general appetite for independence.

BROADCAST: 24 and 26 April, 2007

Blood bag

Blood safety

Newsnight has evidence some doctors effectively used haemophiliacs as guinea pigs for new blood products.

Science Editor Susan Watts and director/producer Mags Gavan ask if this tragedy could - and should - have been avoided.

BROADCAST: 17th April, 2007

Fernando Botero

Botero's big, fat art

The 'Picasso of South America' Fernando Botero returns to the humble house of his childhood in Colombia.

Culture Correspondent Stephen Smith travels with the multi-million pound painter back to his homeland, his studio in Paris and to the town of Pietrasanta in northern Italy.

BROADCAST: 5th April, 2007

GM safflower

GM crops 2.0

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the countryside "GM 2.0" - the second wave of GM crops is here - making vaccines, medicines and industrial oils in their leaves.

Susan Watts reports on GM crops which are being used to produce insulin.

BROADCAST: 4th April, 2007



In January this year, Romania and Bulgaria were admitted into the EU, but the UK placed restricitions on the ability of their nationals to work here.

But many have fallen foul of British regulations. Tim Whewell reports.

BROADCAST: 2nd April, 2007

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