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Last Updated: Wednesday, 31 January 2007, 16:32 GMT
Wednesday 31 January, 2007
By Simon Enright
Producer, BBC Newsnight

Police in Birmingham

Presented by Jeremy Paxman


Jeremy Paxman presents tonight as security services claim they've stopped a new approach to causing terror. The plot is said to involve the kidnapping and beheading of a Muslim British soldier. Eight people were arrested under the Terrorism Act this morning and a ninth person later on a motorway in the Birmingham area. So has the war on terror entered a new phase? Or could this be another mistake by the authorities like that in Forest Gate? Richard Watson is on the case and will bring you all the details we can of the arrests and the reaction from the local community.


For more than six months our science editor, Susan Watts and my fellow programme producer Liz Gibbons have been investigating stem cell treatments. Last summer they revealed how a company ACT was charging tens of thousands of pounds for treatments using stem cells which were not intended for human use. Their story had a big impact. In October a doctor working on behalf of ACT was stopped from doing stem cell treatments by the Dutch authorities. But the story doesn't end there. More revelations tonight.


She's the former first lady who wants the top job and he's the charismatic black senator who hopes to be America's first black president. Barack Obama. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are both on the campaign trail for the Democratic nomination. Peter Marshall has spoken to both of them. His report tonight.


And finally, the newspaper spat between the government's women's enterprise tsar and the woman networking entrepreneur. The tsar says women should put "profit before passion", the networker says "you're patronising" and "a huge waste of money". They have very different views of how women should operate in business. Jeremy will see if they can reach an accommodation as they go head to head on the programme.

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