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Monday 29 January, 2007
By Robbie Gibb
Programme producer, BBC Newsnight

David Cameron

Presented by Jeremy Paxman


David Cameron is laying out the Tory stall on social cohesion today - his bogeymen being extremism, multiculturalism, immigration, poverty and poor education.

On the same day, a poll for the Policy Exchange think tank suggests young British Muslims are more radicalised than ever before.

The chairman of the Conservative Party's Cohesion Fund, Dame Pauline Neville-Jones, debates with the Muslim Council of Britain.


300 dead as the Iraqi and US armies wipe out an Islamic cult near the holy city of Najaf, which was led by a figure who claimed to be the Muslim messiah.

Mark Urban analyses Day 1,411 of the Iraq War.

Lie detecting

We shed light on the rumour that the Home Office is trialing the use of lie detectors as a way of monitoring the activities of sex offenders at risk of re-offending.

Jackie Long has found out how it all works.

Attack ads

18 Doughty Street is the internet TV channel dedicated to all things political. The creators say that the mainstream political process is ignoring huge swathes of public opinion - a niche they propose to fill by running attack adverts sponsoring arguments on both sides of the political debate (or so they say).

Is this the start of a new Americanisation of British politics or have the authors misjudged our political culture?

Ten pound challenge

And what do you think will happen when 10,000 kids get given 10 pounds each? A new enterprise initiative is launched today - Make Your Mark with a Tenner.

School children across the country are challenged to make a profit in one month with just one brown note. Will the entrepreneur who stumped up the 100,000 see any of his cash back, or will it end up in the Walker's Crisps bank account?

Our Economics Editor is tracking the cash.

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