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Thursday 25th January
By Kirsty Wark
Presenter, BBC Newsnight

Presented by Kirsty Wark


Scotland Yard

We begin tonight with a new chapter in our investigation into "witchcraft" belief in the African community in London. You may remember our reporter Angus Stickler's film which exposed the behaviour of Pastor Dieudonne Tukala who accuses children at his church of witchcraft. Tukala preaches his self styled gospel - and in his own words - it's a gospel of brutality. One boy whom he diagnosed as a witch was later branded with an iron by his father because he believed his son was a witch. Since 2000 the Metropolitan Police has dealt with 88 allegations of what it calls ritualistic abuse, But after a ten month police investigation into Tukala, the police have told the BBC they are unable to charge the pastor. Campaigners are calling for new laws to make it a criminal offence to demonise children.


Are quiz questions like this all too familiar?

If so have you called in a TV quiz show - and as a result have sent your telephone bill soaring? Millions have called the premium rate numbers -and the Culture Media and Sport Select committee has been told of allegations that call handling is manipulated to ensure callers do not get a chance to answer. In one episode of the ITV show, The Mint 400,000 callers phoned in over four hours but only 1 in 400 had a chance of getting through. But it appears that despite the DCMS opining that TV quiz shows border on fraudulent there is nothing they or OFCOM can do unless the shows are reclassified as gambling. Paul Mason has been hanging on the telephone.


The Conservative Tim Yeo says a simply way to cut carbon emission would be to scrap GMT - and rise and shine at the same time as the rest of Europe. It would benefit much of the UK he says and tomorrow he will put forward his Energy Saving (Daylight) Bill - but Scottish MPs say it would mean too few daylight hours for Scotland - so should the North dictate to the South?


And one of the world's great opera singers, Pacido Domingo, is changing from a tenor to a baritone. So what may he sound like now?

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