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Last Updated: Monday, 8 January 2007, 17:45 GMT
Newsnight - Geek Week 2.0
Geek Week
Following the success of Newsnight's Geek Week in 2006, we present Geek Week v2.0 - a series of films from the cutting edge of technology.

Our leading Geek Weeker is business correspondent Paul Mason. Paul will be presenting films on how mobile phones are revolutionising lives in Kenya, life and death in virtual reality and the future now from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. To complement Paul's efforts, Roger Harrabin will be looking at technologies that could save the world.

And if you know of an invention that could help save the planet get in touch and let us know via the form at the bottom of this page:


Paul Mason meets a mobile-wielding Maasai tribeswoman
The mobile phone is having an impact across Africa

From wiring cash via text messages, through farmers checking market prices on their phones, to empowering the under privileged, mobiles are revolutionising many aspects of life in Kenya.

With a 4x4, a cameraman and his trusty phone, Paul Mason takes a journey across Kenya - meeting clubbers, farmers, and tribes people using mobiles in a whole range of different and surprising ways.



Can technology save the world from climate change? Some scientists think it can. First there's a host of ideas for clean energy technology that just need a kick from politicians to make them really viable.

Then there are more controversial emerging technologies from other scientists who fear that politicians won't do what's needed to cut emissions of greenhouse gases.

The BBC's environment analyst Roger Harrabin looks at solutions from round the world to combat the climate problem.


Paul Mason in Second Life

To most, virtual worlds such as World of Warcraft and Second Life seem like an amusing diversion from real life. You control an avatar and play at being someone else.

But what happens when, having invested much time and effort in developing your character, they virtually die?

Paul Mason looks at the growing emotional attachment virtual gamers are developing for their alter-egos and how they cope when it really is Game Over.


Second Life CEO

Newsnight Geek Week 2.0: Paul Mason interviews Philip Rosedale, the CEO of the company behind the virtual game Second Life.

Online users of the game have increased from 100,000 to over two million in 10 months.

Paul Mason asks what inspired him to invent the game?

And you can read more on Paul Mason's previous experiences in Second Life here:


TVs on display at CES
Which technologies will win out?

Paul Mason reports from the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas on the latest innovations.

CES was the launch ground for VHS, DVD and a host of other gadgets now either defunct or taken for granted.

So what will be the next "killer app" in our homes and in our pockets?


The BBC's Chinese website is blocked in China
The BBC's Chinese website is blocked in China

Internet users in China are finding novel ways to challenge the Chinese government's tight control of the media.

Many international websites are blocked and internally dissenting voices on the web are removed.

But, as Rupert Wingfield-Hayes reports, some sites are finding ways around the controls to highlight corruption.


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