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Last Updated: Thursday, 7 December 2006, 10:53 GMT
Newsnight - Generation Next
Generation Next

For the BBC's Generation Next season Newsnight looks at issues affecting UK, Afghan and Haitian young people.

Generation Next focuses on 14-18 year-olds around the world - looking at their concerns, problems and hopes for the future.

In Newsnight's films Mike Williams reports from Haiti on claims UN peacekeepers abused children there; Jackie Long looks at young offenders in British jails; and Martin Bell travels to Afghanistan to speak to those turning their back on war.


The BBC's Mike Williams in Haiti
Mike Williams speaks to children in Haiti who suffered abuse

They're supposed to be peacekeepers but Newsnight has discovered that UN troops in Haiti have been abusing some of the most vulnerable people in the country including children.

There are 16 UN peacekeeping missions across the world and in all of them the United Nations has admitted they have problems with troops exploiting their position to commit acts of sexual abuse.

Earlier this year on Newsnight we highlighted problems of sexual abuse of locals by UN peacekeepers in Liberia.

Michael Williams travelled to Haiti to follow up reports of sexual abuse in that country.


Reconstruction: Child prisoner
Twenty nine children have died in custody in the last 16 years

Around 3,000 children spend each night in prison in the UK.

More young people are sentenced in England and Wales than almost any other country in Western Europe and the number of under-15s detained has risen 800% since 1993.

Twenty-nine children have died in custody in the last 16 years. Jackie Long looks at what it means to be a child in custody and the risks they face.


Martin Bell speaks to a former youth member of the Afghan army
Martin Bell meets Afghan youngsters rejecting violence

More than six years after the fall of the Taleban, violence continues across Afghanistan.

The first campaign in George Bush's so-called "war on terror" is far from over. Its burden falls most heavily, of course, upon the Afghan people.

Former BBC war reporter Martin Bell is now UNICEF's Ambassador for Humanitarian Emergencies. For Newsnight he filmed his mission to northern Afghanistan to gather information about the lives of children there.

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