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Last Updated: Thursday, 30 November 2006, 18:27 GMT
Thursday, 30 November, 2006
By Robert Morgan
Programme producer, BBC Newsnight

Graphic of Polonium 210 molecule

Presented by Martha Kearny


We'll have the latest on former Russian prime minister Yegor Gaidar. Was he really the victim of an "unnatural" poisoning?

And detectives investigating the death of the former Russian agent - Alexander Litvinenko - have now identified traces of radiation in twelve places across London. The Home Secretary, John Reid, said the risk to the public remained low. Our Science Editor, Susan Watts is on the case.

The Project

We have an insiders account into life in Downing Street under Tony Blair. Matthew Taylor was one of the Prime Minister's inner circle, an architect of the New Labour project.

In his first interview since leaving Downing Street on Friday, Taylor reflects on his years in government: Labour's reputation for spin; policy successes and failures; the Blair/Brown relationship; the damaging impact of the Iraq war.


We have a special report from Mike Williams who has uncovered fresh allegations of the sexual abuse of children by United Nations peacekeepers.

His investigation has uncovered wide-ranging accounts including child prostitution and rape from UN's peacekeeping mission in Haiti. Girls have told of regular encounters with peacekeepers where sex is demanded in return for food or money. A senior official with the United Nations has accepted that the claims are credible.

And finally - on the day that the beleaguered Iraqi Prime Minister, Nouri al-Maliki has met President Bush - we examine the faultlines in the coalition government and ask whether the administration can survive

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