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Last Updated: Monday, 27 November 2006, 17:26 GMT
Monday, 27 November, 2006
By Robert Morgan
Producer, BBC Newsnight

British troops in Zubair near Basra

Presented by Jeremy Paxman


The Defence Secretary, Des Browne, says thousands of British troops will leave Iraq by the end of next year. He says the pull-out is dependent on the situation on the ground and some troops will remain to back up the Iraqi authorities.

We'll be speaking to the Defence Secretary about this timetable and what it means for Iraq's future security.


Radioactive contamination has been found in two more buildings in central London. Security sources have told the BBC that traces of Polonium 210 have been found at a West End Office block and a building in Mayfair. Three people who contacted a helpline have been called in for tests. The Home Secretary, John Reid, told MPs this was a "very precautionary" move.

Our Science Editor, Susan Watts is on the case.


Back in March Newsnight took Justin Rowlatt's car away as part of the new Ethical Man experiment.

Tonight he tells us how he's going to resolve the car conundrum - and there's a surprising solution.


A new creationist group - Truth in Science - claims that dozens of British schools are using its instruction packs to teach intelligent design in science classes. The packs, which includes two DVDs and a manual, were sent to every secondary school in Britain by the organisation on 18 September.

We discuss the issue behind this with scientist, Professor Lewis Wolpert and Truth in Science.


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